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Shared Course Information

WAOL Shared Courses

The Washington Online (WAOL) shared course and pooled enrollment system expired at the end of summer quarter 2016.

The system-shared Early Childhood Education program — which managing capacity is not currently a significant issue — will continue to be supported.

Direct Course Sharing

As an alternative to WAOL, SBCTC Educational Technology will support a new “Direct Course Sharing” system.

This system is for use by colleges partnering together to offer a course or a program and allows colleges to “cross-list” sections to other colleges.

This system is simpler and more limited than WAOL:

  • Enrollments are placed in the correct teaching course at the other college.
  • Section cancellations in SIS are honored.
  • Capacities are set, as usual, on your enrolling sections in SMS or ctcLink.
  • Managed by Canvas admin at college and in the SBCTC Educational Technology LTI (faculty do not have access).
  • Colleges must agree on dates, fees, textbooks and communicate with each other on capacity, grades, and billing.

What's new about course sharing?

Compared to the WAOL course sharing process, direct sharing features:

  • No pooled capacity control
  • No grade collection and distribution
  • No WAOL IDs
  • No “WAOL shared” term dates
  • No books, course content review or preferred faculty lists
  • Billing is done between the colleges

Because of these characteristics, direct course sharing will work best:

  • For courses shared between only two or three schools.
  • In situations where enrollment limit is not an issue.

System-Shared ECE

Resources for colleges offering or sharing system Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses:

How to adopt a shared course

How to share a system course (for hiring colleges)

eLearning Support for Staff and Faculty

Phone: 360-704-3942

Toll-free: 1-888-580-9011


Directory:  Shared course faculty contact information

Shared Course Report: Instructor class report

Shared Course Administrators: Administrator login page

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