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High School Diploma

Most Washington state community and technical colleges operate one or more high school programs, such as:

  • High school completion
  • Technical high school
  • Credit retrieval
  • Youth re-engagement
  • External diploma program

The goal of each of these various programs is to award a high school diploma to students who complete the graduation requirements.


Troy Goracke
Policy Associate, BEdA

High School Completion Programs

High school completion programs operate under graduation requirements adopted by the college’s board of trustees. The requirements conform to the State Board of Education’s graduation requirements as appropriate.

Contact Linda Drake at the Washington State Board of Education for policy questions concerning high school graduation requirements.

College-Issued High School Diploma

Students can earn an associate degree from a community or technical college may also receive a high school diploma even if they have not otherwise met the high school graduation requirements.

The student must provide the college a written request to receive a high school diploma.

Are You a Student?

For information geared toward students, visit our student page on adult high school completion programs.

High School Completion eList

Get involved in conversations with your peers at other colleges. Join the High School Completion (HSC) Mailman Mail-List.

High School Graduation Requirements

What students need to do in order to earn a high school diploma. From the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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