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Grays Harbor College | 2021-23 Budget Requests

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At Grays Harbor College, dedicated faculty and support staff take pride in empowering students to reach their full potential. For nearly 100 years, GHC has offered programs designed to prepare students in the Twin Harbors for success in their chosen fields. Today, GHC offers three bachelor of applied science programs, nine transfer degrees, and nearly 20 professional-technical programs. Attending GHC can be a pivotal turning point for students of all ages and backgrounds. Many students choose to earn their associate degrees at GHC before transferring to a college or university. Others come to GHC to earn professional-technical degrees or certificates that lead directly to a career. A growing number of students earn their Bachelor of Applied Science degree at GHC before going on to serve the community as educators, business leaders, and in forest resource management. GHC also offers options for individuals seeking high school diplomas, GEDs®, or improved English language proficiency.

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Meet Alondra Diaz Merino

The first in her family to receive a high school and college education, Alondra Diaz Merino graduated in 2022 with an Associate of Arts degree from Grays Harbor College and a high school diploma from Raymond High School. After graduating, Alondra received a GHC Foundation Scholarship to complete GHC’s Nursing Assistant-Certified program and earned a CNA certification over the summer. Then, she began her second associate degree with plans to apply to GHC’s nursing program, complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and serve her community as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse.

Legislative Priority: Expand Opportunity for Students and Employers

Fully funding our budget requests will have real returns for students like Alondra Diaz Merino and for the communities and employers in our area. Students will learn from competitively-paid experts who choose to work at Grays Harbor College rather than pursue higher paying positions with private employers or K-12 schools. Our students will train for careers in robust workforce programs, with modern equipment and learning spaces that mirror their future work environments. We will be able to expand technology to bring a college education to more people in more ways, which is especially important for working adults. And, all our students will benefit from an inclusive environment where they are valued, supported and equipped to reach their goals.

Grays Harbor College will also receive funding to operate and maintain existing facilities.

Our Students

  • Total headcount: 2,550
  • Total full-time equivalent (FTE): 1,450
  • Full-time: 50%
  • Part-time: 50%
  • Students of color: 40%

Operating Budget Estimate

If the system’s operating budget request of $353 million is fully funded, Grays Harbor College will receive approximately $2.2 million in additional funding.

Capital Budget Estimate

If the system’s request is fully funded, Grays Harbor College will receive approximately $5,701,200 for operation, maintenance, infrastructure, repairs and minor improvements of its existing facilities.

Legislative Districts

19, 24

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