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North Seattle College | 2023-25 Budget Requests

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Over its rich, 52-year history, North Seattle College has solidified itself as one of the top transfer colleges in Washington and continually evolves to meet regional industry needs — including by offering six bachelor’s degrees and 60-plus professional-technical degrees and certificates that lead to competitive careers for our graduates.

With affordable and accessible programs, North Seattle College is primed to help people of all ages and backgrounds thrive with better jobs and new opportunities. Strong academic preparation and advising services, small classes, an innovative integrated studies program, broad e-learning options, and partnerships with four-year schools contribute to our students’ success.

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Meet Brandon Heald

Brandon Heald had multiple barriers related to learning difficulties and anxiety before the start of fall quarter 2022, but due to a nurturing faculty and his own perseverance, he is seeing these barriers fade away. At NSC, Brandon has been able to secure the prospects for a professional life, in a family-oriented atmosphere. Brandon chose to attend NSC to complete his engineering transfer degree by the end of 2023.

Legislative Priority: Expand Opportunity for Students and Employers

Fully funding our budget requests will have real returns for students like Brandon Heald and for the communities and employers in our area. Students will learn from competitively-paid experts who choose to work at North Seattle College rather than pursue higher paying positions with private employers or K-12 schools. Our students will train for careers in robust workforce programs, with modern equipment and learning spaces that mirror their future work environments. We will be able to expand technology to bring a college education to more people in more ways, which is especially important for working adults. And, all our students will benefit from an inclusive environment where they are valued, supported and equipped to reach their goals.

North Seattle College will also receive funding to operate and maintain existing facilities.

Our Students

  • Total headcount: 10,731
  • Total full-time equivalent (FTE): 3,516
  • Full-time: 28%
  • Part-time: 72%
  • Students of color: 52%

Operating Budget Estimate

If the system’s operating budget request of $353 million is fully funded, Seattle Colleges will receive approximately $19.6 million in additional funding.

Capital Budget Estimate

If the system’s request is fully funded, North Seattle College will receive approximately $5,847,300 for operation, maintenance, infrastructure, repairs and minor improvements of its existing facilities.

Year Founded


Service Area

Northeast and northwest Seattle, King County

Legislative Districts

11, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46

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