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2018 Legislative Agenda

2018 Legislative Agenda

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Our operating budget priorities remain focused on producing the diverse talent pool needed to fill thousands of jobs and grow Washington’s economy.

  1. State compensation funding — $9 million to fill the funding gap between compensation increases authorized by the Legislature and the tuition and state funds provided for those increases (maintenance level).
  2. Teaching and learning — $3.7 million to enable college districts to provide faculty increments or convert faculty positions from part-time to full-time. This flexible funding would allow colleges to address critical faculty staffing issues based on local needs (policy level).
  3. Student success/Guided Pathways — $2.2 million to provide planning funds for the 22 colleges that now lack financial support to implement Guided Pathways. Using this research-based approach, colleges organize courses along clear career paths that lead into the workforce or into a university for further education. Students graduate faster and at less cost (policy level).
  4. Student financial aid updates — $745,000 in increased funding for the Opportunity Grant program and Worker Retraining financial aid to cover the cost of tuition increases (maintenance level).
  5. Move maintenance and operation funding back to the operating budget — This cost-neutral request would move appropriations for the ongoing maintenance and operations of capital facilities back to the state operating budget, where they were until 2003. This change not only makes sense from a budgeting standpoint, but is also vital given the lack of a capital budget that now costs our college system $11.4 per year in maintenance and operations costs (maintenance level).

For details, please see the companion fact sheet on our supplemental operating budget request.

The community and technical college system requests $323 million to fund capital maintenance and operations activities across all 34 colleges, and to design and build projects that support students’ learning goals. The request includes:

  • Design funds for Wenatchee, Olympic, Pierce College Fort Steilacoom, South Seattle, Bates, Shoreline, Spokane Falls, Clark, Everett, Grays Harbor, North Seattle, Walla Walla and Cascadia.
  • Construction funds for Edmonds, Whatcom, Big Bend, Spokane, Highline and Clover Park.
  • Authorization for the community and technical college system to finance projects at Shoreline, South Seattle, Cascadia, Renton, Lower Columbia, Bellevue, Grays Harbor, South Puget Sound, Whatcom, Yakima and Clover Park.

Projects are listed in priority order on our capital budget request fact sheet.

Basic Education for Adults — (SBCTC request legislation in HB 2399 and SB 6169) It is estimated that 685,000 Washington adults require basic skills to pursue college and living-wage jobs and meet employers’ needs. SBCTC requests that this population be added to the caseload forecast to help our state design stable funding for adult basic education in the future.

We partner with the Washington Student Achievement Council, Council of Presidents, and the Independent Colleges of Washington with the following legislative requests:

  • Fully fund the State Need Grant.
  • Strengthen opportunities for DREAMERS in Washington state.
  • Increase funding for the Washington State Work Study Program.

Joint Legislative Committee (JLC)

The JLC gives advice to the State Board and SBCTC staff on legislative issues. The JLC reviews the trustees' and presidents' legislative priorities to build a recommendation to the State Board for a system-wide legislative platform. During  legislative session, the JLC meets weekly by telephone to advise the State Board staff on legislative positions for the system.

JLC members:

  • SBCTC Executive Director (serves as chair)
  • Three State Board members
  • Three trustees (ACT president and co-chairs of the Legislative Steering Committee)
  • Three presidents (WACTC president, president-elect and chair of the WACTC Legislative and Public Information Committee)
  • State Board Staff

2018 Legislative Agenda

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2018 legislative agenda.

2018 Supplemental Operating Budget Request

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2018 supplemental operating budget request.

2018 Supplemental Capital Budget Request

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2018 supplemental capital budget request.

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