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College Spark Washington Cohort Retreat

College Spark Washington Cohort

Summer Retreat 2017

July 26-27, 2017

LaQuinta Inn & Suites   
1425 E 27th Street
Tacoma WA 98421

Agenda and Presentations


Pathways: Deeper Planning, Stronger Impact

Integrating and aligning pathways components.

  • Part one: Getting AND keeping students on a pathway: Guiding connections and effective systems in advising and retention.
  • Part two: Closing the loop from faculty engaged mapping to learning assessment

The Five Dimensions of Equity

Supporting Guided Pathways with Technology Tools

  • Examples of tools and software to meet emerging needs for tracking and intervention and support revised college processes

Pathways: Deeper Planning, Greater Impact

Onramps and Acceleration

  • Math pathway strategies to help all students complete math in the first year

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