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Apprenticeship Waiver

Waiver Purpose

Based on rules and policies developed by the State Board, community colleges can charge tuition rates for ungraded courses that differ from standard rates.  For Apprenticeship courses, the State Board has set a rate equal to one-half the standard per credit amount for tuition and S&A fees. 

Fee pay status: 91

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Colleges shall waive an amount equal to one-half of the standard per-credit amount for tuition (operating and building fees) and services and activities (S&A) fees. Students must be registered with the Washington State Apprenticeship Council or Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training to be eligible.

All ungraded course fees are operating fees and are subject to the requirements in RCW 28B.15.031"Operating fees"- Defined - Disposition

For rates see: Tuition and Fees

RCW 28B.15.069(4) – Building fees—Services and activities fees—Other fees

WAC 131-28-026(4)(b) – Tuition charges for certain ungraded courses

Tuition waiver resolution 04-03-03

Tuition waiver memo dated May 17, 2004

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