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Cosmetology Skill Standards

Cosmetologists need certain skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing cosmetology environment. To be competitive in the industry, cosmetologists need to be accomplished and proficient to meet increasingly complex performance demands.

Salon Coordinator

Salon Coordinator Skill Standards Manual

Critical work functions:

  • Coordinate salon functions
  • Problem-solve/troubleshoot


Cosmetologist Skill Standards Manual

Critical work functions:

  • Serve clients
  • Perform business operations
  • Provide services
  • Maintain personal/professional growth
  • Problem-solve/troubleshoot

Skills Standards Development

Who developed the standards?

A consortium of cosmetology industry leaders, including cosmetologists, salon coordinators, business owners, cosmetology vocational program instructors, private school owners, apprenticeship coordinators and representatives from the colleges.

How were the standards created?

Cosmetology professionals identified competency-based skill standards and critical work functions that reflect standards expected in the cosmetology industry in two career clusters: cosmetologist and salon coordinator.

The research and development was a three-phase process:

  • Identify critical work functions, key activities, and performance indicators and identify occupational technical knowledge and skills.
  • Identify and level academic and employability skills.
  • Validate the critical work functions and key activities.

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