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Marketing Skill Standards Project

The Marketing Skill Standards were developed with input from industry executives with the ultimate purpose of preparing a highly skilled competitive workforce.

Several projects were designed to help educators integrate the Skill Standards into their curriculum and enable businesses to support the Skill Standards.

Marketing Skill Standards Manual

Student Self-Assessment

Program Assessment


Personnel Tools for Marketing Professionals

These easy-to-use tools, created by a human resources professional for managers who hire and manage entry-level marketers, help businesses to support and integrate Skill Standards. These business applications will help:

  • Employers know who to hire and where to focus limited training dollars
  • New entrants to the workforce know how to improve their performance
  • Make job expectations  clear

The personnel applications are designed to be easily be adapted to your specific organization and job position. Each tool has been reviewed and tested by business people and deemed helpful for all sizes of organizations. 

Marketing coordinator tools

Marketing research assistant tools

Public relations assistant tools

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