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Skill Standards

Skill Standards answers two critical questions:

  • What do workers need to know and be able to do to succeed in today’s workplace?
  • And how do we know when workers are performing well?

Without this fundamental information, employers do not know whom to hire or where to focus their limited training dollars; employees and new entrants to the workforce do not know what they need to do to improve their performance; and educators do not know how to prepare students for the challenges of the workplace.

This site is designed to provide information about Washington's Skill Standards projects, link industry partners with schools and colleges, inform individuals about Skill Standards, and link Washington with national efforts.

Washington’s Centers of Excellence build and sustain Washington’s competitive advantage through statewide leadership. Each Center focuses on a targeted industry that drives the state’s economy and is built upon a reputation for fast, flexible, quality education and training programs. Skill standards for industries represented by the Centers may be found on the Centers of Excellence websites.

Skill standards for three additional occupations are available:


Danny Marshall
Program Administrator, Workforce Education


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