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Student Achievement Initiative (SAI) 3.0 Points by Student Groups Dashboard

Student Achievement Initiative (SAI) 3.0 Points by Student Groups

The purpose of these dashboards is to display Student Achievement point totals by student groups. These include all students, whether they are eligible for funding in the allocation model or not (Running Start, for example). The dashboards also include visualizations that compare specific student groups within the clusters of Basic Education for Adults (BEdA), Workforce programs, need-based financial aid, and all dual enrollment programs. 

For an alternative version of this information, please contact Sue Jameson. For policy questions, please contact Summer Kenesson.


Summer Kenesson
Director, Policy Research

SAI 3.0 points summary by student groups dashboard

Download tip: If the crosstab option is grayed out, click any cell in the dashboard to enable it. 

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