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Executive Director Search Timeline

Preferred Timeline

After Jan Yoshiwara's retirement announcement, the State Board Executive Committee met and agreed on a process outline and schedule. The timeline is subject to revision.

The search process includes the following phases:

Planning —  Dec. 1, 2021 through Feb. 10, 2022

  • Initiate formation of a Search Committee.
  • Search Committee meets to discuss and finalize recruitment material recommendations to State Board.
  • State Board meets on Feb. 3 to review and finalize recruitment materials.

Recruiting — Feb. 10 through hiring of finalist

  • Recruitment process is launched.
  • National advertising is published.
  • Recruiting materials are distributed.
  • Potential candidates and sources of candidates are contacted.
  • Search web pages live.

Evaluation — March 31 through May 16

  • March 31: Priority screening date for applications. (Applications/nominations are accepted until position is filled.)
  • Evaluation of application material begins. 
  • Evaluation of application material is complete.
  • Begin Search Committee interview scheduling.
  • State Board meets May 4-5 and receives an update.
  • Search Committee forwards finalists for consideration.

Selection — May 16 through June 7

  • Public forums with finalists.
  • State Board interviews finalists.
  • State Board meets with participating stakeholders and considers information.
  • Finalist is identified.
  • Subject to State Board approval, employment terms discussed and agreed upon.
  • State Board hires successful candidate and makes public announcement.

Transition — June 7 through July 31

  • Transition process begins.
  • Candidate transitions to State Board.
  • Newly hired Executive Director meets with system constituency groups.
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