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Pathways to Washington's Jobs

All students, everywhere, at an affordable price

To build a great quality of life in Washington, people need education past high school and good jobs right in our local communities. Community and technical colleges are affordable, accessible to all kinds of students, and connected to universities and businesses.

Our students choose the educational path that’s right for them, whether it’s to train for a career, learn a skilled trade, earn an industry certificate or transfer to a university.

At a time when almost every job requires continuous skill-building, and industries are evolving at new speeds, community and technical colleges are perfectly positioned to ensure people, communities and employers thrive.

Students in graduation gowns with a variety of paths in front of them, denoted by arrows going in different directions.For all kinds of students

Whether 16 or 60, urban or rural, students of all backgrounds find paths to today's jobs at Washington's community and technical colleges.

We serve about 278,000 students each year.


A piggy bank wearing a graduation cap.Affordable and accessible

Washington's community and technical colleges are affordable and accessible for students and families.

Tuition is just $4,343 per year.


A graduation cap connected with symbols representing different types of industry: a computer motherboard, a glass vial from a scientific lab and mechanical wheels.Connected with employers

More than 2,000 employers partner with Washington's community and technical colleges to prepare students of all ages for today's jobs.



Map of Washington state with a diploma centered in the middle.Partnered with universities

Washington ranks #1 in the nation for community and technical college transfer students who complete their bachelor's degrees.¹



¹ "Tracking Transfer" by Community College Research Center, Teachers College at Columbia University, January 2016.

Our Colleges

Our colleges create better jobs, brighter futures and a stronger Washington. Discover why community and technical colleges are a great choice for students.

Three Mission Areas

Washington state's community and technical college system focuses on three mission areas:

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