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Director's Office
Fax: 360-704-4415
Executive Director Marty Brown 360-704-4355
            Executive Assistant Beth Gordon 360-704-4309
   WACTC Coordinator/Leg. & Communications Assistant Julie Walter 360-704-4313
Legislative Director Arlen Harris 360-704-4394
Communications Director Laura McDowell 360-704-4310
            Online Content & New Media Manager Sherry Nelson 360-704-4308
            Communications and Marketing Associate Katie Rose 360-704-4367
ACT Trustees Association Director Kim Tanaka 360-704-4307
            ACT Administrative Assistant Sheri Waltermeyer 360-704-4317
Business Operations Division
Fax: 360-704-4417
Deputy Executive Director, Business Operations John Boesenberg 360-704-4303
Assistant to the Deputy Executive Director Thomas Oliver 360-704-4388
            Secretary Senior, Agency Receptionist Joleen Mendiola 360-704-4400
            Program Coordinator Kelly Barton 360-704-1020
Human Resources Director Ed McCallister 360-704-4350
            Human Resources Consultant Pam Kelly 360-704-4301
            Human Resource Consultant Christine Salvador 360-704-4305
   HR Confidential Fax (360) 704-1847
   Agency Budget Manager Lynda Ridgeway 360-704-4383
Operating Budget Director Cherie Berthon 360-704-1023
            Senior Budget Analyst Brian Myhre 360-704-4413
            Budget Analyst Scherry Sinclair 360-704-4312
Capital Budget Director Wayne Doty 360-704-4382
            Chief Architect Steve Lewandowski 360-704-4395
            Budget Analyst Cheryl Bivens 360-704-4386
            Functional Analyst, Room Scheduling Kirk Knittle 360-704-1034
Accounting and Business Services Director John Ginther 360-704-4380
            System Internal Auditor Maryam Jacobs 360-704-4389
            Payroll Coordinator Lynn Melton 360-704-4385
            PeopleSoft Functional Analyst - Payroll Suppot Sharon Kinberg 360-704-3923
            Fiscal Analyst Brenda Philpott 360-704-4387
            Fiscal Analyst Stacey Millsap 360-704-4366
            ctcLink Accounting Coordinator Susan Dresser 360-704-TBD0
Associate Director of System Accounting Shon Dicks-Schlesinger 360-704-1005
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Financials Brandy Eismon 360-704-1045
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft HCM Janet Means 360-704-1028
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft HCM Sherrie Hovde 360-704-1036
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Financials Teresa Sexton 360-704-1030
            Functional Analyst PeopleSoft HCM Irena Marinova 360-704-3920
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft HCM Vivian Chang 360-704-3928
Accounting and Reporting Associate Director Denise Nguyen 360-704-4378
            System Accounting Coordinator Truc Le 360-704-4379
   Policy Associate Enrollment Policy/Reporting Autumn Yoke 360-704-4328
Fax: 360-704-4416
Deputy Executive Director of Education Jan Yoshiwara 360-704-4353
            Assistant to the Deputy Exec Dir of Education Linda Anderson 360-704-4352
            Secretary Senior, Education Division Jenny Taisacan-Vilante 360-704-4364
   Associate Dir. position Supervisor 360-704-4390
   Policy Associate, Fiscal Management Susan Wanager 360-704-4344
            Contract Specialist Michele Rockwell 360-704-4343
            Program Assistant April Messenger 360-704-1021
Director of K12 Partnerships Bill Moore 360-704-4346
            Instructional Services Specialist Jackie Eppler-Clark 360-704-4351
            Program Administrator, Faculty Development Jennifer Whetham 360-704-4354
Director of Policy Research Darby Kaikkonen 360-704-1019
            Policy Research Associate Christina Carey 360-704-4325
            Policy Research Associate David Prince 360-704-4347
            Policy Research Associate Devin DuPree 360-704-4384
            Research Analyst Sarah Delaney 360-704-4393
            Research Analyst Susan Jameson 360-704-3917
Director, eLearning & Open Education Mark Jenkins 360-704-4363
            Policy Associate, eLearning & Open Education Boyoung Chae 360-704-1011
            Program Administrator, eLearning & Open Education Jess Thompson 360-704-4327
            Program Administrator, eLearning Alissa Sells 425-239-0456
            Manager, NW eTutoring Consortium Sarah Bergfeld 509-981-9927
            Administrative Assistant Brook Bane 509-279-6248
            Information Tech Specialist Mark Carbon 509-279-6247
            Program Specialist Monique Belair 509-279-6270
            Senior Application Developer-Bellevue Paul Kreemer 425-803-9717
   Policy Associate, eLearning & Open Education Stephen Gance 360-704-1056
            Instructional Designer - I-DEA Marc Barrington 360-704-0TBD
Student Success Center Director Lisa Garcia-Hanson 360-704-1022
Director, Transfer Education Joyce Hammer 360-704-4338
Director of Student Services Joe Holliday 360-704-4334
            Administrative Assistant, Student Services Nanette Angel 360-704-4315
            Policy Associate, Student Services Edward Esparza 360-704-4319
            Policy Associate, Student Services Ruben Flores 360-704-3929
Associate Director, Campus Solutions Scott Copeland 360-704-4397
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Tamara Allen 360-704-1031
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Ana Ybarra 360-704-1024
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Miranda Mineard 360-704-1032
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft CS Financial Aid Jodi Sharp 360-704-1029
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Student Financials Amy Lanser 360-704-3912
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Jill Hammitt 360-704-4335
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Robert Drake 360-704-1037
            Functional Analyst, PeopleSoft CS Financial Aid Stephanie Casino 360-704-3922
            PeopleSoft Analyst Mobile/Web Marilyn Varela 360-704-1044
Workforce Education
Fax: 360-704-4418
Director, Workforce Education Nancy Dick 360-704-4333
            Administrative Assistant Kim Wheeler 360-704-4336
   Policy Associate, Workforce Education Kathy Goebel 360-704-4359
            Program Administrator, Workforce Education Anna Nikolaeva 360-704-4342
            Education Programs Coordinator Mason Norman 360-704-4337
   Policy Associate, Workforce Education Kendra Hodgson 360-704-4324
            Program Administrator, Workforce Education Katherine Mahoney 360-704-4329
   Policy Associate, Workforce Education Erin Frasier 360-704-4339
            Program Administrator, Workforce Education Mat Carlisle 360-704-4341
            Workforce Program Administrator Jennifer Dellinger 360-704-3925
   Policy Associate, Workforce Education Peter Guzman 360-704-4360
            Program Administrator, Workforce Education Danny Marshall 360-704-4332
Basic Education for Adults (BEdA)
Fax: 360-704-4419
Director of BEdA Jon Kerr 360-704-4326
            Administrative Assistant, BEdA Christy Lowder 360-704-4323
            Program Specialist Shannon Bell 360-704-4331
   Policy Associate, BEdA Ha Nguyen 360-704-4322
            Program Administrator, BEdA Troy Goracke 360-704-4362
   Policy Associate, BEdA Brian Walsh 360-704-4358
   Policy Associate, BEdA Cindy Wilson 360-704-4361
            Program Administrator, BEdA Scott Toscano 360-704-4381
   Policy Associate, BEdA: I-BEST William Durden 360-704-4368
            Program Administrator, BEdA Jodi Ruback 360-704-4306
   WABERS+ Helpdesk Information Phone 360-704-4331
Information Technology
Fax: 360-704-4414
            Olympia HELP DESK 360-704-4357
            Bellevue CUSTOMER SUPPORT 425-803-9721
Deputy Exec Director of Information Technology Michael Scroggins 360-704-4377
            Assistant to the Deputy Exec Dir of IT Donna Thompson 360-704-4411
            Contracts Officer Abraham Rocha 509-842-4341
ITD Technology Department
Fax: 360-704-4414
   Deputy Chief Information Officer Marcus Royster 360-704-1017
            Systems and Infrastructure Services Manager Johnathan Rider 360-704-4391
            Information Technology Specialist Melinda Houghtaling 360-704-1071
            Information Technology Specialist Gorffu Kassa 360-704-4349
            Senior Microsoft Systems Administrator Peter Savin 360-704-4371
            Functional Analyst,PeopleSoft Security Application Daniel Hupp 360-704-3911
            Senior Software Engineer David Cull 425-803-9716
            Information Technology Specialist James Nearing 360-704-4370
            Functional Analyst, Application Security Jay Parker 360-704-1039
            Service Desk Manager Service Desk Manager Eric Lee 360-704-1035
            AMXW Systems Administrator Wilson Wong 425-803-9764
            IT Operations Manager Kenn Nied 360-704-4304
            Information Technology Specialist Bryan Knies 360-704-4372
            Information Technology Specialist David Arthurs 360-704-4357
            Information Technology Specialist David Stark 360-704-1052
            Information Technology Specialist Donald Laskey 360-704-4357
            Senior Network Engineer Jesse Mendiola 360-704-4398
            Information Technology Specialist Randy Chen 360-704-1051
            Information Technology Specialist Ryan Simeon 360-704-4396
Data Services Director Carmen McKenzie 360-704-4369
            Oracle PeopleSoft Report Developer Tami Morrill 360-704-1061
            Database Specialist Lou Sager 360-704-4321
            Information Technology Specialist Monica Peper 360-704-4375
            Data Architect Edward Lusby 360-704-4348
            Information Technology Specialist Steven Marx 360-704-4356
            Information Technology Specialist Position Supervisor 360-704-4365
            Oracle Reporting & Business Intelligence Developer Thomas Mankovich 360-704-1058
            Functional Analyst Reporting/Business Intelligence Lucy Peterson 360-704-1046
            Functional Analyst Reporting/Business Intelligence Paula McDaniel 360-704-3913
   ctcLink Communications Lead Janelle Runyon 360-704-1014
   Technology Innovation Officer Andy Duckworth 360-704-4311
            ctcLink Wave Project Coordinator Jason Gordon 360-704-1027
            ctcLink Project Administrative Specialist Karen Abels 360-704-1009
            ctcLink Organizational Change Project Lead Reuth Kim 360-704-1053
            Training Manager Roger Curry 360-704-1038
            Trainer Gretchen Fulmer 360-704-1048
            Trainer Corinne Taylor 360-704-1047
            Community of Practice Coordinator Joanne Munroe 360-704-3914
Application Services Director Sandy Main 360-704-4373
            Internet/Intranet Specialist Angela French 360-704-4316
            Senior Software Engineer David Coffman 360-704-4374
            .Net Programmer Gregory Gamble 360-704-4376
            Test Manager Tami Whitney 360-704-1043
            Testing Coordinator Sean Cardoza 360-704-3921
            PeopleSoft Application Support Analyst Sakura Thompson 360-704-3927
            PeopleSoft Application Support Analyst Michael GiIbreath 360-704-3924
            PeopleSoft Application Support Analyst Maurren Kwant 360-704-3930
Customer Services Director Juanita Morgan 425-803-9734
            SMS Support Consultant Marla Coan 425-803-9706
            HR Functional Analyst Anne Sinnes 425-803-9747
            Product Manager - Financial Aid Becky Phillips 425-803-9743
            Support Analyst Jay Gallagher 425-803-9746
            Support Analyst David McKay 425-803-9704
            FMS Support Consultant Jacqueline Thoms 425-803-9705
            Support Consultant, Payroll/Financial Jennifer Werry 425-803-9676
            Financial Aid Functional Analyst Joni Reichmann 425-803-9715
            Product Manager, End User Reporting Kelly Hewitt 425-803-9763
            Program Support Analyst Terry Davenport 360-704-1013
            Lead Development Analyst Laura Stern 425-803-9662
            Test Lead Sandy Cox 425-803-9797
            Service Desk Coordinator Sarah Whetzel 425-803-9785
            Support Analyst Ben Geertz 425-803-9707
            Support Analyst Vivian Murdock 425-803-9739
Director, Enterprise Services - Bellevue Guy Hollingbury 360-704-1070
            Administrative Assistant Pam Hruska 425-803-9733
ctcLink Project
Fax: 425-803-9650
ctcLink Project Director Dennis Colgan 360-704-1057
            ctcLink Technology/Integration Manager Ray Gartner 360-704-1067
            ctcLink Functional Application Manager Tara Keen 360-704-1008
            ctcLink Finance Project Lead Emmett Folk 360-704-1054
            ctcLink Student/Academic Project Lead Melissa Sitzenstock 360-704-1064
            ctcLink Financial Aid Project Lead Kim Wasierski 360-704-1075
            ctcLink HR Functional Analyst Jameeka Hill 360-704-1068
            ctcLink HR/Payroll Project Lead Brian Lanier 360-704-1007
            ctcLink HR Functional Analyst Sam El Sayed 360-704-1076
            ctcLink Functional Analyst, Human Resources Josie Lomax 360-704-1033
            ctcLink Finance Functional Analyst, Budget Christyanna Dawson 360-704-1006
            ctcLink Finance Functional Analyst David Bowman 360-704-1004
            ctcLink Financial Aid Functional Analyst Rachelle Russell 425-803-9728
            ctcLink Student Functional Anlst. Campus Community Amy MacNeill 360-704-1065
            ctcLink Student Functional Analyst John Henry Whatley 360-704-1066
            ctcLink Student Financials/Accounts Receivable Elizabeth Lewandowski 360-704-1003
            ctcLink Student Functional Analyst Rebecca Poe 360-704-1062
            ctcLink Finance Functional Analyst Tysha Tolefree 360-704-1049


SBCTC organization charts show who’s who in the SBCTC executive office, human resources, finance, education, information technology and the ctcLink software project.

Community and technical college employee directory and search.

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