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Tribal Government Affairs

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) joins other state agencies and public education institutions to build government-to-government relationships with Washington's 29 federally recognized tribes. 

Driven by our values which are rooted in racial, social, and economic justice, we provide equitable access to historically marginalized students and communities. Washington’s First Peoples are predominately defined by these values and concepts.

Community and technical college enrollment and completion rates by students from Tribal communities were low prior to the global health crisis of COVID 19, but the pandemic has exacerbated these rates. The disproportionality of American Indian/Alaska Native student recruitment, retention, and completion rates can be addressed through building collaborative partnerships and consultation between local Tribes and community and technical colleges. SBCTC is addressing these disparities by developing a robust outreach initiative, trainings for colleges and curriculum review to incorporate indigenous knowledge systems.

Some of our community and technical colleges are already working with local Tribes to build trust and relationships from which to build authentic, respectful change and open pathways of opportunities. This Tribal engagement needs statewide coordination and training, so colleges are appropriately prepared to begin this work with sovereign nations. Community and technical colleges across the state have mobilized and are requesting technical assistance to engage regional and local Tribes.


Lynn Palmanteer-Holder, PhC (ABD), MEd.
Director, Tribal Government Affairs

Maya Esquivido, MSW
Graduate Student Intern

Courtnay Llacuna
Administrative Assistant


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