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I am a Veteran

What You Need to Know

Veterans, you served our country. Now let us serve you. Our colleges offer small class sizes, flexible hours, veterans services and real-world education and training so you can hit the ground running.
We understand that veterans and their families have unique needs and responsibilities. That's why every college has a veterans resource center to help veterans navigate the college process and use their veterans benefits. You may be able to receive college credit for military training, coursework and occupational specialty.
Getting ready to transition to civilian life? The VIE-25 program can help you jump-start your career, even before you separate from service. With approval from your commanding officer, you may be able to access industry-recognized credentials at nearby community and technical colleges as part of your official duty during the last six months of service. (VIE stands for "Veterans Industry Education." The number 25 refers to colleges within 25 miles of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.)

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Veterans and their family members automatically qualify for resident (in-state) tuition if they are a "covered individual" under the Choice Act of 2014, and many colleges waive a portion of the tuition cost to the veteran.

For easy-to-understand descriptions of the various educational benefits for service members, visit  

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