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Disability Support Services Council (DSSC)

Disability support services ensure equal access to educational programs and services to people with disabilities, and work to improve the campus community’s understanding of disability issues.

The Disability Support Services Council (DSSC) reports to the Washington State Student Services Commission (WSSSC). The council brings together professionals who serve students with disabilities in postsecondary education to:

  • Facilitate information exchange
  • Encourage coordinated efforts among postsecondary institutions for inclusion of persons with disabilities in programs and services, in keeping with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Communicate and coordinate with other organizations and agencies involved in education- and rehabilitation-related efforts of persons with disabilities
  • Organize educational and professional meetings and conferences
  • Advance high standards of professional working knowledge
  • Inform members of statewide initiatives affecting delivery of services
  • Express issues and concerns to appropriate governing bodies

Current Meeting

Details for the next meeting including registration, lodging, directions, agenda and more.

Members and Committees

Membership information including executive committee contacts, rosters and council liaisons.

Meeting Materials

Meeting minutes from previous meetings.


Council resources including constitution and bylaws.



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