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Disability Accommodation Pool (DAP)


DAP will remain OPTIONAL again this year for the 2021-2022 fiscal year reporting.
Extended Deadline: September 30th, 2022.

About DAP

The Disability Accommodation Pool (DAP) is an online data collection tool to assist colleges in tracking their expenditures for direct accommodations to students with disabilities. DAP is a secure site and only accessible by authorized college staff.

DAP User Manual

Review the DAP User Manual before beginning to use the web reporting system.

Disability Accommodation Pool (DAP) Guidelines

  • Colleges must use the username password assigned by the SBCTC to the Vice President/Dean of Students to access the online tool. If this information is lost, call 360-704-4315 for assistance.
  • Expenditures are to be reported in the accommodation chunks or categories as outlined in Category Definitions and Clarifications .
  • July 1 to June 30 expenditures may be tracked in the online system.
  • The online reporting tool is set up to accept expenditure reporting figures at a variety of intervals.
  • Expenditures are to be reported regardless of funding source. If an expenditure is paid via any college budget, then it is to be counted as an expenditure for the Disability Accommodation Pool. The EXCEPTION to the rule is Running Start, where the college is being reimbursed for the expense via a high school.
    • If College A is reimbursed 100 percent of the expenditures for a Running Start student, then NO expenditures are to be reported.
    • If College B has a 50-50 split agreement with a local high school regarding accommodation expenditures, then only the college’s 50 percent would be reportable.
    • If College C is paying the entire cost of accommodations for a Running Start student, then College C can report all of these expenditures.
  • If the college is responsible for a student’s accommodations, then those expenditures can be reported. If a college is not responsible but is performing coordination and billing duties, then the expenditures cannot be reported.
  • Colleges should maintain documentation of the student's disability for which the accommodations were provided and the expenditures for audit purposes.

DAP Contact

Nanette Angel
Administrative Assistant, Student Services

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