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Hospital Employee Education and Training (HEET) Grant

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) invites Washington state community and technical colleges to apply for the Hospital Employee Education and Training (HEET) funding. Colleges must develop proposals in collaboration with at least one healthcare employer and one labor partner to receive funding. 

The purpose of the HEET Grant is to:

  • Enhance access to college education for hospital workers.
  • Lead to increased capacity of the college system in nursing and other high demand health care fields.
  • Bring greater diversity to the health care workforce.
  • Build a stronger labor/management, healthcare industry and college partnerships to leverage public and private investment.

Grant funds may be used for:

  • Curriculum development or modification.
  • Equipment needed to train incumbent workers.
  • Creating systems to grant credit for prior learning.
  • Sustaining labor, management and college partnerships.
  • Support for students, program recruitment and retention.
  • Symposium to share/learn best practices in teaching methodologies and curricula evaluation.


Carolyn McKinnon
Policy Associate, Workforce Education


Important dates

Milestones Key Dates
Application available February 25, 2021
Application deadline April 8, 2021
Funds available/grant start July 1, 2021
Mid-year project evaluation due Jan. 25, 2022
Final project evaluation due  July 19, 2022

Grant Resources and Guidelines


HEET Special Projects

In January 2021, SBCTC is making approximately $423,400 in HEET funding for special projects. SBCTC invites colleges to submit concept papers and budgets for special projects that address one or more of the following priorities:

  1. LPN to BSN pathway development
  2. Training for faculty on the use of simulation hardware/software used in nursing or closely-related allied health programs
  3. Procurement and installation of simulation equipment and/or related software applications that are necessary in order to maintain or increase instructional capacity in nursing or closely-related allied health programs
  4. Curriculum development addressing caregiver mental health and self-care for nursing programs, including the development of tools that support the incorporation of such curriculum into currently-approved nursing programs
  5. Increasing diversity of nursing students and faculty, through both recruitment and retention practices
  6. Expansion of clinical placements for nursing students
  7. Training completion aid (TCA) to current nursing students at high risk of non-completion.

Concept papers and budget worksheets are due to SBCTC no later than 4pm on Friday, January 29, 2021. Submission of a concept paper does not guarantee the award of funds. Proposals should be submitted by email to Carolyn McKinnon and Cc'd to Kim Wheeler

HEET Special Project Important Dates

Milestones Key Dates
Concept paper invitation issued January 8, 2021
Concept paper & budget worksheet deadline January 29, 2021
Funds available/grant start As early as possibly February 2021
Final project completion/capital outlays deliveries due June 30, 2021
Final project report and capital outlays inventory sheet due to SBCTC  July 16, 2021

Grant Resources and Guidelines

Regular HEET Grant Important dates

Milestones Key Dates
Application available February 27, 2020
Application deadline April 23, 2020
Funds available/grant start July 1, 2020
Mid-year status report due January 21, 2021
Final project evaluation due  July 16, 2021

Grant Resources and Guidelines

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