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ctcLink Document Repository (cDR)

What is the ctcLink Document Repository (cDR)?

The ctcLink Document Repository (cDR) was a centralized, secure location for ctcLink implementation project-related documentation, historical documents, and artifacts.

In January 2023, cDR contents were migrated from the BoxTM platform to an internal SharePoint archival site. 

What is in the cDR?

cDR contents date from the 2018 project re-launch through mid-2022 when all 34 colleges successfully deployed ctcLink PeopleSoft.

How Can I Find My Materials?

Now that the implementation is complete, SBCTC and Washington community and technical college system ctcLink College Leaders may need to refer to historical documents for audits, reports, and other activities. 

Please contact Dani Bundy or Roger Curry for help to get what you need.


Dani Bundy 
ctcLink Customer Support Director

Roger Curry
College Relations and Triage Manager


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