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Where to Find ctcLink Documents and Resources

This at-a-glance list provides links to online resources used by ctcLink Project and ctcLink Support staff.

Got ideas for additional ctcLink Project-related tools and resources?  Contact ctcLink Communications to add links.

Open Resources

Location Information or Document Types Description
SBCTC ctcLink Project Web Pages  Agency website 
ctcLink Reference Center
  • cDR user manual
  • ctcLink Glossary
  • Business Process Maps (Common Process final Lucid charts)
  • UAT Flow Diagrams
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)
  • Training materials
  • Training videos
ctcLink resource page 
ctcLink Executive Sponsor Resources 
  • Articles, whitepapers
  • Best practices
ctcLink resource page
ctcLink Customer Support

ERP Support by pillar:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Campus Solutions (CS) — includes Financial Aid, Student Financials
  • Finance (FIN)
Resources for college and project staff using the PeopleSoft system.
ctcLink Connect  ctcLink project news and information ctcLink project blog
ctcLink OCIO Project Dashboard
  • State oversight-level decision documents
  • Status reports
  • Moran Reports - Quality Assurance (QA) reports submitted to Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) from Moran Technology Consulting
State IT project oversight portal
  • Development
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration
  • Administration
  • Lifecycle Management

PeopleSoft Online Help Home 

Oracle PeopleTools and PeopleBooks tools for users

Local Access and Log-In Resources

Location Information or Document Types Description
Canvas - ctcLink Project Information
  • Business Process Fit/Gap course
  • Common Process Workshops course
  • Configuration homework
  • ctcLink Project Information
  • Data conversion homework
  • Global Design Review course
  • Homework assignments
  • Training courses
Learning Management System (system employees only)

ctcLink Document Repository (cDR)


  • Business Process Mapping
  • College Readiness
  • Communities of Practice
  • Design & Configuration
  • GDR Recommendations 
  • Governance documents
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Risks/Issues (PWA export)
  • Status Reports (PWA export)
  • Steering Committee approvals
  • Steering Committee meeting agendas, materials
  • Supplemental Systems Commonly Used by Washington Community and Technical Colleges
  • Testing
  • Working Group meeting agendas, materials
  • Workstream (PWA export)

For SBCTC and system employees who have been provided access.

See cDR web page for details.

ctcLink Production Stack Environments (in cDR)

A list of all environments, their purpose and availability.

  • Production
  • Production Quality Assurance
  • Production Testing
  • Production Development
  • Production College Development

For SBCTC and system employees who have been provided access.

See cDR web page for details.

Data Services
  • Data Alerts
  • Coding and Reporting Guidelines
  • Legacy MIS Reporting
  • PeopleSoft ctcLink Reporting
  • Data Warehouse
  • GoldenGate
  • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Reporting
  • Mutual Research Transcript Exchange (MRTE)

Resources for colleges using Legacy and PeopleSoft system.

Some tools require log-in credentials.

Higher Education User Group (HEUG)

PeopleSoft professional development for higher education:

  • Online resources, conferences, training webinars, leadership opportunities, job listings, and more.

Washington community and technical college system employees using ctcLink PeopleSoft products are welcomed to join.


Online diagram and data visualization tools:

  • ctcLink business process diagrams
  • Common Process diagrams
  • High level ctcLink diagrams

Business process maps and diagrams are linked in the Reference Center and can be viewed there.

For project managers, organizational change managers, ctcLink project leads and college subject matter experts.

Log-in credentials required.

Contact your ctcLink Project Manager for assistance.

PMs may contact Andy Duckworth for account support.

PeopleSoft ctcLink Reporting page
  • MetaLink
  • ctcLink Tickler
  • Legacy and PeopleSoft Term Designations Calculator
  • Fiscal Years and Biennium Calculator
  • PeopleSoft Reporting
  • Query Documents
  • Commonly Used Tables
  • Quality Assurance Reporting System
  • Query Training Materials

Resources for colleges using Legacy and PeopleSoft system.

Some tools require log-in credentials.

Project Web Application (PWA)
  • Project schedule
  • Decision logs
  • Risk/issue logs

SharePoint site limited to college project managers (plus one designee), Working Group members, Steering Committee members and ctcLink project leads (Finance, Campus Solutions, Communications).

Questions? Contact Eli Hayes.

StaffNet general
  • Earnings & leave information
  • Leave and Absence Forms
  • Travel expense vouchers
  • SBCTC templates
  • Information Technology Division: dev services, ERP support, customer support calendar and more
Intranet/Staff Portal for SBCTC employees only, log-in credentials required.
StaffNet ctcLink Project Team
  • ctcLink StaffNet sites, including:
  • Environments
  • Testing
  • Training
  • OCM
  • Community of Practice
  • Data Conversion Issue List
  • ERP Project Documents archive (migrating to cDR)
Intranet/Staff Portal for SBCTC employees only, log-in credentials required.
Network folders 

On your SBCTC computer File Explorer, look under "This PC" for folder.

  • ctcLink and other IT folders
  • ctcLink Technology and Integration/Data Migration folder for certain SBCTC IT employees working on configuration, data validation efforts requires additional access permissions

For SBCTC IT employees. Some folders require permission to access.

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