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ctcLink Work Priorities & Governance Policy

The ctcLink Change Management and Prioritization policy outlines how changes to ctcLink PeopleSoft in production are prioritized by SBCTC IT and ctcLink Support.

When software or a configuration is "in production," this means it has gone live and is available for end-users to accomplish a business purpose. Only those colleges live on ctcLink are "in production.”

SBCTC ctcLink Production Support Tasks

Sources of work items for the SBCTC ctcLink Production Support team include

  • SBCTC ctcLink Change Management Board
  • Service tickets
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Product updates and releases
  • External mandates (federal, state and agency policy)
  • ctcLink Working Group-approved Enhancement Requests submitted by:
    • College Executive Sponsors
    • Commission Chairs (including Councils represented)
    • Data Governance Co-Chairs
    • SBCTC ctcLink Leads

How are Approved Changes to ctcLink Prioritized for Implementation?

Work efforts are prioritized based on:

  • PeopleSoft product updates
  • Level of urgency/impact
  • Available resource capacity

ctcLink Production work priorities

Current work priorities

The fundamental priorities for the ctcLink Project and SBCTC Agency are to:

  • Deploy new colleges on ctcLink by mid-2022 in approved configuration
  • Support and stabilize colleges currently live on ctcLink

See the bi-weekly ctcLink Production Update reports for the current top priority items for SBCTC's ctcLink Production Support team.  

Future priority-setting

After all Washington community and technical colleges are live on ctcLink, a prioritization input process — giving equal voice and vote to all colleges in the system — will be developed, specifically to address commission and council input.

ctcLink Enhancement Requests

How do individual users, commissions, councils and other stakeholders with ideas or requests for changes and enhancements partner with ctcLink governance (i.e. ctcLink Working Group), ctcLink Project and SBCTC IT ctcLink Support?

Who may submit Enhancement Requests to the ctcLink Working Group?

Enhancement ideas originate with ctcLink users.

Sponsors of enhancement requests

From “Idea” to “Enhancement Request” to “Governance” to “Decision” 

The enhancement request flow charts below show several ways a request may progress from an idea to final decision.

Enhancement request flow charts

In IT Support

How to Request ctcLink Document Repository (cDR) Access

Request ctcLink Document Repository (cDR) access

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