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What is your plan? Will it be enough?

As a state employee, you signed up for a mandatory retirement plan when you started. Below are brief descriptions and connections to websites where you can track both the performance of your plan as a whole and your individual retirement accumulation.

Information contained on this web page is intended to be used as a reference guide for Washington state community and technical college benefit-eligible employees and their employers. Please consult plans and/or providers for information regarding benefits and plan specifics.

Retirement Information

Other Ways to Save


Retirement Plan Resources

For classified, faculty, admin and exempt

For faculty, admin and exempt (supplemental for classified)

AARP Retirement Calculator

Calculate how much you need to save to retire with the AARP retirement calculator.

Retirement Toolkit

U.S. Department of Labor's online retirement toolkit was developed in cooperation with Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Department of Retirement Systems

DRS helps prepare current and former state public employees for retirement.

Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (DCP)

DCP is a supplemental retirement savings program that offers participants the opportunity to invest money toward retirement.

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