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ctcLink Accounting Manual | 40.40.49 Useful Queries

40.40.49 Useful Queries for Capital Assets Management 

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Query returns all assets with all activity in the college records. The query results are not limited to converted assets. The Conversion Depreciation Amount will only display depreciation through the ‘Fiscal Year Not Greater Than’ value entered in the query criteria. The Conversion Cost shows the cost for all assets whether the asset was part of conversion or was added later.

query asset validation

The following fields are included:

Field Value Example Field Value Example
Unit WAxxx Fund 997
Asset ID 000000000891 Class 211
Class 3438 Dept 90101
Asset Type Equipment Category EQUIP
Parent ID   Cost Type Governmental Funds
Tag Number 0131 Conversion Cost 12101.84
Status In Service Conversion Depr Amt 403.39
Acq Date 3/21/2023 Date/Time 4/7/2023 10:19
CF Sequence Num 0 Program -
IU map key 0 External Funding Source CFDA No 64.117
Active Sw 0 EFS Descr Federal Department (DVA)
Oper Unit 7xxx EFS Comments Grant Title (Ed Assistance)

This query shows depreciation for assets for the life of each asset by fiscal year with beginning period and ending period (Usually 1 through 12 except for the first year and the last year. Colleges should be able to use the results to demonstrate to an auditor depreciation by asset or filter by fund, etc. as of fiscal year-end by exporting to Excel and either filtering or creating a Pivot table

query depreciation


Field Value Example Field Value Example
Unit WAnnn Activity -
Asset ID 000000009393 An Type -
Book Name WACTC Project -
Date/Time 44350.62243 Dept 52205
CF Sequence Num 0 Category EQUIP
Year 2021 Cost Type G
Start Pd 12 Trans Code GOV
End Pd 12 Orig FLAG Y
Trans Type PDP Active Sw 0
In/Out I or O Depr Amt 938.96
Trans Date 4/1/2020 YTD Depr 0
End Period 12 Currency USD
Oper Unit 7nnn Archive ID -
Fund 997 Man Depr Type  
Class 211 Special Depr 0.00
Program - Initial Depr 0.00
Oper Unit Affil - Accelerat Depr 0.00
Subsid - Increased Depr 0.00
State Purpose N Standard Depr 938.96
PC Bus Unit -    

This query provides scheduled depreciation for a specifical fiscal year by period. This may be used to demonstrate to auditors increases in depreciation for the year or to reconcile any depreciation additions mid-year, etc.

query asset depreciation by period

Field Value Example
Unit WAxxx
Asset ID 000000000002
Category EQUIP
Oper Unit 7xxx
Fund 997
Class 211
State Purpose N
Project  -
Dept 34223
Year 2023
Period 1
Depr Amt 221.73
Profile ID 2421
Descr John Deere 3038 E Compact Util

This is an excellent query for a physical inventory report. Shows location and serial # of asset IDs.

query asset cost

Field Value Example
Unit WAxxx
Asset ID 10374
Class 2315
Asset Type Equipment
Parent ID  
Tag Number xxx5055
Status In Service
Acq Date 2/5/2019
CF Sequence Num 0
IU map key 0
Active Sw 0
Oper Unit 7xxx
Fund 997
Class 211
Project -
Dept 83006
Category EQUIP
Conversion Cost 17,500
Location xx3800000
Description SEMI TRUCK
Serial ID 1XKADP9X1ERxxxxxx
Manufacturer KENWORTH
Model T660


8/9/21 10:02 AM

This query shows all Asset Management transactions between specified dates. It allows colleges to identify specific types of accounting adjustments for the year and see the accounting supporting it. It is possible to filter it just by new additions for the year, retirements, etc. This will provide the details to show auditors of additions and retirements and new depreciation for the year like the CR2128 report.

query line asset management

The following fields are included:

Field Value Field Value
Unit WAxxx Account 1121070
Asset ID 10003 Dept xxxxx
Book Name WACTC Subsid Null
Date/Time 03/15/2023 7:55:50AM State Purpose N
CF Sequence Num 0, 1, 2, or 3 etc PC Bus Unit Null
Dist Type FA Activity Null
Trans Type TRF Amount (11,483.85)
Category EQUIP GL Unit WAnnn
Cost Type P Year 2023
Trans Code Null Period 9
Template ADJ&TRANS Journal ID ADJnnnnnnn
Acctg Date 3/15/2023 Date 3/15/2023
Oper Unit 7nnn Line # 10
Fund 4nn or 5nn Status D
Class 2nn Activity N
Account 1121070    


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