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ctcLink Accounting Manual | 10.30 ctcLink Chart Accounts Overview

10.30 ctcLink Chart Accounts Overview


The accounting structure required by ctcLink provides the information necessary for both reporting to AFRS and preparing financial statements. For this reason, there is no local discretion in most of the chartfield elements, and the corresponding ctcLink control tables are centrally maintained. Some elements are locally defined, or are optional, so districts have some flexibility to tailor to their needs. The following sections explain which elements are system or locally defined.

10.30.10 ctcLink Chart of Accounts Structure

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The ctcLink chart of account structure contains the following fields. The various fields listed below are more fully defined later in this section.

Section ctcLink Chartfields Peoplesoft Field Name Required on All Transactions? Globally or Locally Defined? Globally or Locally Maintained? Legacy Values
10.30.15 Business Unit BUSINESS_UNIT Yes Locally Globally District Code
10.30.15 Operating Unit OPERATING_UNIT Yes Locally Globally Organization Index(*)
10.30.20 Fund FUND_CODE Yes Globally Globally Fund
10.30.25 Appropriation PRODUCT No(Required state and capital project funds) Globally Globally Appropriation Index
10.30.30 Class CLASS_FLD Yes Globally Globally Program Index
10.30.35 Department DEPTID Yes Locally Locally Organization Index(*)
10.30.40 Program PROGRAM No Locally Locally Organization Index(*)
10.30.45 Account ACCOUNT Yes Globally Globally GL/SubObject orGL/Revenue Source
10.30.50 Project Costing Business Unit BUSINESS_UNIT_PC No(Required to use Project ID) Locally Globally District Code
10.30.50 Project ID PROJECT_ID No(Required with select funds) Locally Locally Project Number
10.30.50 Activity ID ACTIVITY_ID No(Required to use Project ID) Locally Locally Organization Index(*)
10.30.60 Subsidiary CHARTFIELD1 No Locally Globally Subsidiary (Due To/From…)
10.30.65 State Purpose CHARTFIELD2 Yes Globally Globally NA

* Many colleges used values with the organization index to designate campus, project, etc. ctcLink uses different chartfields to designate campus, project or activity.


Some elements in the chart of accounts used in ctcLink by the community and technical colleges are college system specific. Those items are cross-walked to appropriate codes in AFRS (Washington State's "Agency Financial Reporting System") for summary reporting.  A number of other values are not reported to AFRS at all.

ctcLink ChartfieldsLegacy ValuesAFRSNotes
ctcLink Chartfields Legacy Values AFRS Notes
Business Unit District Code Agency Code All colleges data consolidated and converted to CTC System Agency Number 6990
Operating Unit Organization Index(*) Not Sent Operating Unit not sent to AFRS
Fund Fund Fund Most funds in ctcLink = AFRS.  Fund 146 crosswalks to 145; 444 to 443 and 841 to 790.
Appropriation Appropriation Index(AI) AFRS Appropriation Index Generally, ctcLink uses the same AI throughout a biennium. Depending on the year of the biennium, the ctcLink AI is crosswalked to the correct AI in AFRS.  In addition, a table in AFRS uses the AI to add the correct Appropriation (required in AFRS).
Class Program Index Program Index  
011-099   011-099 Except 015, which sent to AFRS as 011
111-199   100  
211   850  
221   900  
2xx   850 For all fund types except 1 and 3
3xx   850  
9xx   900  
Department Organization Index(*) Not Sent  
Program Organization Index(*) Not Sent  
Account GL/SubObject/Revenue Source   The account is crosswalked to AFRS values of GL/SubObject/Revenue Source depending on the account.
Project Costing Business Unit District Code Not Sent  
Project ID Project Number Not Sent  
Activity ID Organization Index(*) Not Sent  
Subsidiary Subsidiary (Due To/From…) Due To/From Subsidiary  
State Purpose NA Project Type This value is crosswalked to AFRS as a Project Type and associated with an AFRS Project Number


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