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04x Academic Support Services

04x Academic Support Services – Funds 001, 08A, 11A, 17C, 24J, 148 and 149 Only

Academic support category includes expenses incurred to provide support services for the institution’s primary mission of instruction. It includes the following activities: the provision of services that directly assist the academic functions of the institution; academic administration (including academic deans but not department chairpersons) and personnel providing administrative support and management direction to the primary missions; separately budgeted support for course and curriculum development. 

041 Academic Support Information Technology

Includes organized activities to support instruction. Administrative data processing is excluded from Academic Computing Services Class (see class 086). Also excluded are instructional/vocational programs in computing technologies. Academic Computer Labs manager and full-time staff responsible for day-to-day operations and regular upgrades to all student computer labs.

The following are included:

  • Part-time hourly and student help—lab assistants directly assisting students and provide first level technical support
  • Supplies for student use and lab upkeep (e.g. paper for printing, lab cleaning supplies, tape and staples for student use, lab assistant name badges, etc.) and server supplies (e.g. backup tapes, server rack)
  • Software licenses—for example: security and restore software for student computers, operating system licenses for academic servers and backup software for academic servers
  • Computer equipment — for example: hard drives for servers, virtual machine solution for servers.

042 Ancillary Support Services – Fund 148 only

Includes organized activities to support instruction resulting in the production of products or services associated with instructional programs (aka Realistic Training Enterprises (RTE’s), Shop Jobs, etc.). Revenues resulting from the sale of these products or services to the community are used to support the instructional activities. Examples include Printing Labs, Child Care Labs, Dental Clinics, Apple Orchards, Auto Mechanics Labs, and Food Preparation Labs.

043 Academic and Vocational Administration

Includes administrative support and management for instructional programs. On the organization charts for community and technical colleges, the third level management and their staff represents academic administration. Titles include Deans, Associate Deans and Directors. Department chairpersons are excluded (included in 011).

The reporting structure may omit Academic Administration in organizations without this level of instructional management, and it is permissible to have no expenditures in class 043.

The dean of Instruction, if not reporting directly to the president, but to a second level administrator, is included in 043. (See class 081 for dean reporting directly to the president.)

Excludes expenses of individuals and offices whose primary function is of an institution wide nature (e.g. greater than two levels removed from instruction-these would be included in Institutional Management 081).

044 Academic Personnel Development

Includes expenses for activities that provide the faculty with opportunities for personal and professional growth and development to the extent that such activities are formally organized and/or separately budgeted.

Formally organized and/or separately budgeted activities that evaluate and reward professional performance of the faculty should be excluded. Examples are sabbaticals, faculty awards, and organized faculty development programs.

045 Course and Curriculum Development

Includes expenses for activities established either to significantly improve or to add to the institution’s instructional offerings, but only to the extent that such activities are formally organized and/or separately budgeted.

Note: For Course Curriculum and Development (Class 045) use intra-college expense transfers or code salary/benefit costs directly through payroll.

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