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05x Libraries

05x Libraries – Funds 001, 08A, 11A, 17C, 24J, 148 and 149 Only

Under the NACUBO functional classifications 05x are reflected under 04x. The CTC system has decided to continue to further separate out Libraries, Museums and Galleries, and Media Services using the 05x class codes.

This subclass includes expenses for organized activities that directly support the operation of a catalogued or otherwise classified collection.

It also includes the following activities: the retention, preservation, and display of educational materials, such as libraries, museums, and galleries; Media such as audiovisual services and information technology.

051 Learning Resources

Includes, but is not limited to, activities which directly support information literacy instruction, collections of published content in a variety of formats, and the related facilities, equipment, software, and services to support student learning.

052 Museums and Galleries

Includes expenses for organized activities that provide for the collection, preservation, and exhibition of historical materials, art objects, scientific displays, etc. Libraries are excluded.

053 Educational Media Services

Includes expenses for organized activities providing audiovisual and other services that aid in the transmission of information in support of the institution’s instruction, research, and public service programs.

Visual Media staff

Is responsible for instructional video, audio and still image production and distribution via several forms of media. Also includes related equipment, repairs and supplies.

Classroom Media staff/services

Include assisting/training faculty and end users, maintenance of equipment (projectors, computers, A/V equipment, cabling, monitors, etc.) digital signage management, Developmental Education’s lab support and support for special events.


Funds used to replace projectors, bulbs, computers and supplies in media classrooms.

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