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09x Plant Operations and Maintenance

09x Plant Operations and Maintenance – Funds 001, 08A, 11A, 17C, 24J, 148 and 149 Only

Plant Operation and Maintenance category includes all expenses for the administration, supervision, operation, maintenance, preservation, and protection of the institution’s physical plant. They include expenses normally incurred for such items as janitorial and utility services; repairs and ordinary or normal alterations of buildings, furniture, and equipment; care of grounds; maintenance and operation of buildings and other plant facilities; security; earthquake and disaster preparedness; safety; hazardous waste disposal; property, liability and all other insurance relating to property; space and capital leasing; facility planning and management; and central receiving. Excludes interest expense on capital-related debt. (This category may be allocated to the other functional categories based on an acceptable allocation methodology such as square footage of buildings.)

091 Utilities

Includes costs of heating, cooling, light, power, water, gas, hazardous waste removal, sewer, and any other utilities necessary for operation of the physical plant.

092 Building and Equipment Maintenance

Includes activities in support of routine planned preventive maintenance of buildings, structures, and equipment, whose purpose is to keep buildings, structures and equipment working and extend the life.

093 Custodial Services

Includes building custodial services operation and maintenance. Examples include custodial staff, and cleaning supplies and equipment. 

094 Physical Plant Administration

Includes management and administration of the physical plant. Examples include the Director of Physical Plant, the campus architect, campus facility plans, plans for new construction, and property, liability, and all other insurance relating to property. 

095 Landscape and Grounds Maintenance

Includes landscape and grounds operation and maintenance. Examples include grounds keepers, grounds maintenance, landscape architects, and snow removal. 

096 Major Repairs and Renovations

Includes expenses related to major noncapital repairs and renovations undertaken to get buildings, structures, and equipment working or usable again. Costs that will be capitalized are excluded.

097 Security and Safety

Includes expenses related to security; earthquake and disaster preparedness; safety, including environmental safety; and hazardous waste disposal. 

098 Logistical Services

Includes expenses related to logistical services such as central receiving as well as space and capital leasing. (For personnel conducting purchasing functions and central supply stores see 083.)

099 Operations and Maintenance Information Technology

Includes expenses for formally organized and/or separately budgeted operations and maintenance information technology. If an institution does not separately account for information technology resources, the costs associated with instruction will be applied to Academic Support Information Technology (041) and the remainder to Administrative Information Technology (086).

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