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Basic Education for Adults Program Monitoring

The SBCTC office of Basic Education for Adults conducts on-site Program Review and Technical Assistance Visits on a regular basis. Program Review and Technical Assistance Visits ensure compliance with federal laws, rules and regulations and verify that adult education providers continuously improve program effectiveness. Compliance measures focus on local processes and procedures for administering standardized assessments, collecting and reporting quality enrollment and attendance data, and incorporating required program components and learning standards.

At these visits, providers demonstrate to BEdA staff evidence in the following areas:

  • The connection between partnerships and State Plan
  • Program intake, orientation, and pathway planning
  • Data quality and data use for program improvement
  • Instructional practices
  • Continuous program performance improvements
  • Transition and resource coordination

Additionally, BEdA staff review a randomly selected group of student files and program specific information.


Scott Toscano
Program Administrator, BEdA


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