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Student Success Center

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The mission of the Student Success Center is to assist faculty, administrators and staff to work together to develop a culture of academic and career success for all Washington state community and technical colleges.

To meet this goal, the center focuses on three priorities: 

  1. Increasing completion rates of our students.
  2. Closing the equity gap for underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation students.
  3. Offering professional development opportunities to colleges to do this work, as well as build greater capacity for systemic change leadership.


Student Success Center Strategy and Framework

Student Success Centers organize a state's community and technical colleges around common action to accelerate efforts to improve student persistence and completion.

This framework is made up of five integrated parts:

  • Convene learning opportunities for administrators and faculty to support innovation.
  • Map and align initiatives to create coherence.
  • Strengthen state data capacity to support innovation and improve performance.
  • Develop an agenda for research and knowledge management to support reform.
  • Identify and pursue system and state policy changes to support large-scale institutional change.


Lisa Garcia-Hanson
Student Success Center Director

Nanette Angel
Administrative Assistant

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Professional development learning opportunities for our community and technical colleges to support their student success initiatives and foster and share innovative ideas.

Washington's Guided Pathways aims to increase student success by reducing and simplifying the number of choices a student must make from college entrance to program selection to degree completion.

The Student Success Center aims to provide Washington state system colleges and stakeholders with theories and practical application tools to support the systemic changes needed to implement Guided Pathways and other student success initiatives.

An online resource center for community and technical college education faculty, staff and practitioners with topics focused on guided pathways, metamajors, student success and completion:

  • National and state research
  • Presentation materials
  • Educational research organizations
  • Educational advocacy and access organizations

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