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Faculty Development and Ensured Learning

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges’ (SBCTC) Student Success Center is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed in college and career. One of the ways that SBCTC accomplishes this goal is through a focus on ensured learning and faculty development, which are grounded in the guided pathways framework and a commitment to racial equity.

Faculty development is the process of supporting and preparing faculty to teach effectively. This is accomplished through a variety of strategies, including:

  • Providing professional development opportunities that are relevant to faculty's teaching needs
  • Offering opportunities for faculty to collaborate with each other and share best practices
  • Supporting teaching and learning professionals throughout our system
  • Providing resources and support to help faculty with innovation, research, and scholarship

Ensured learning references a connection between teaching and learning and guided pathways. Drawing from our strategic partners' rich research in this area, the following are key focus areas for faculty success and ensured student learning.  

  • Engagement: intentional and sustained student engagement
  • Effectiveness: employing high-impact practices in the classroom
  • Improvement: data-informed assessment and revision
  • Inclusion: equity-minded and asset-based teaching
  • Alignment: pathway-aligned and applied learning experiences

By ensuring that all students have access to high-quality instruction from supported faculty, SBCTC is aiming to improve learning, retention, and completion for all students in the community and technical college system.

Information, Resources, and Events

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Purpose: The purpose of this community of practice is to provide a forum for faculty developers to share ideas, best practices, and resources. It is also a place to connect with other faculty developers, build relationships, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

People: The members of this community of practice will be faculty developers and other teaching and learning professionals from the 34 community and technical colleges in Washington State.

To join this community of practice, send an email to

The New Faculty Institute is an annual faculty professional development event designed with new tenure track faculty in mind. It is typically held in early September. This event will have sessions designed to help new faculty:

  • Understand the different types of pedagogy and how to apply them in their teaching
  • Develop effective teaching strategies that meet the needs of their students
  • Become familiar with the State Board for Community and Technical College system and organization
  • Connect with other new community college teachers and share resources and ideas

For 2024, we will launch an OnDemand version of the institute. Watch for an announcement and link to the course in late August. 

Led by SBCTC's Student Success Center with funding from College Spark Washington, a college consortium is working to change the assessment model for English 101 classes, which have been identified as key gatekeeper courses in college. Anti-racist writing assessments are a way to ensure students in English 101 courses are taught and assessed without negative racial bias.

Another purpose of building this work is to support English departments and practitioners across the Washington State CTC system to “increase the percentage of students who earn their first college-level credits in English within one year of college enrollment” by closing equity gaps for historically underserved students of color (HU-SOC). This project aligns with Guided Pathways in Washington State as this work will address one of the Essential Practices of a Guided Pathways redesign, College-Level English Within One Year of Enrollment, and do so in the spirit of the SBCTC vision to lead with racial equity.

The college consortium looks forward to sharing best practices throughout the college system.

The Student Success Center will be working on creating more opportunities to participate in webinars and workshops if you miss them the first time around. We have created a YouTube playlist for OnDemand and encore presentations. 

To launch this playlist we are thrilled to have uploaded three encore presentations from the 2023 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Ed. These videos are part of a larger series of content called NCORE Encore in which presentations were repeated at local conferences. 

Washington community college math faculty continue to reform and/or transform math placement and math course pathways with the goal of helping students complete their college level math requirements. To support these efforts, SBCTC is offering the following professional development opportunities for math faculty this year:

  • Attend in-person math retreats and convenings for math faculty to share with and learn from their colleagues across the state. Additionally, math faculty are invited to join their partners in Transitional Studies (BEdA) at in-person BEdA Math Pathways training sessions. For information about upcoming events, go to the SBCTC Professional Development Calendar.
  • Join virtual learning communities on topics such as data science, themed MATH& 107 courses, and instructional pedagogy. Learn more by emailing Dawn Draus to gain access to the Canvas Math Pathways and Placement Course.

This annual two-day event will bring together faculty members and teaching and learning professionals from community and technical colleges in Washington state to discuss topics in assessment, teaching, and learning. The conference will explore a variety of topics related to faculty and student success.

The conference will provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Learn about the latest research and practices in teaching and learning
  • Share best practices and strategies for using assessment data to inform instruction
  • Create a collaborative space for participants to network and learn from each other
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement in teaching and learning

Check the conference webpage for updates.

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