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Expenditures exclude auxiliary enterprise funds, such as those used to run the campus bookstore or cafeteria. College expenditures of federal Carl D. Perkins Act, the federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, and WorkFirst funds are reimbursed by the State Board office from federal funds and, therefore, net to zero in these expenditure reports.

Expenditures 2018-19 report

Expenditures 2017-18 report

Expenditures 2016-17 report

Expenditures 2015-16 report 

Expenditure categories are accounted for by source of funds:

  • legislative appropriations
  • student operating fees
  • grants
  • local revenue sources, such as courses funded exclusively by student fees (student-funded courses)

There is no local tax support (taxing authority) for Washington state community and technical colleges.

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