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Strategic Enrollment Dashboard

Strategic Enrollment Dashboard

The Strategic Enrollment Taskforce was organized to review and propose strategies for increasing participation in postsecondary education in Washington State with a focus on equitable access to postsecondary education.  This dashboard is a work-in-progress to help track key metrics identified by the Strategic Enrollment Taskforce for various populations of students.  Note that the student progress metrics in this dashboard are similar to student progress metrics in other dashboards, but do not necessarily match.  A primary difference is that this dashboard shows student progress metrics for all students enrolled in a school year and other dashboards generally track outcomes for a subset of students based on a common starting point.

For an alternative format of this information, please contact Darby Kaikkonen.


Darby Kaikkonen
Policy Research Director


Download Tip: If the crosstab option is grayed out, click any cell in the dashboard to enable it. 

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