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Financial Aid Research Reports

Research and policy perspectives on enrollment and outcomes for students who receive financial aid.

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David Prince
Policy Research Associate

State Need Grant

Research Brief 19-2: Retention outcomes for two-year college grant-eligible students: Served and not served by the Washington State Need Grant

  • This brief is a follow-up to the 2013 research report which studied the differences in outcomes for eligible students who received and did not receive a State Need Grant. The key findings provide a baseline of information as the colleges prepare to launch the newly revised Washington College Grant.

Research Report 13-1: A Descriptive Study of Washington State Need Grant Eligible Students Enrolled in Community and Technical Colleges in 2011-12, March 2013

  • This report describes two-year community and technical college students eligible for and enrolled in community and technical colleges in 2011-12. It compares eligible students who were served and not served for demographics, enrollment status and college retention rates.

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