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Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Fall 2016


  • ctcLink project status sheet for October 2016
  • ctcLink Training Plan (Train the Trainer approach): The scenario-based training has been pushed back about a month since this plan was developed, so the calendar is off, but this gives you an idea of the overall training strategy for ctcLink.
  • OCIO Technology Projects Dashboard: The Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer maintains a project dashboard website for all the major information technology projects that OCIO oversees, including ctcLink.
  • Wave 1 Readiness Dashboard: The ctcLink project team and college project managers are tracking progress and readiness to ‘go live’ for Wave 1 using a dashboard measuring key activities/areas of readiness. You’ll see each college has a tab at the bottom and if you hover over the dashboard titles at left, you can drill down into the documents/data driving the dashboard status (no drill-down on the ‘Resources’ link).
  • The ctcLink Resource Center is continuously being updated as new quick reference guides (QRGs), videos and business process documents are created or updated.  (The training team is using a tool called Screen Steps for this resource center, which works well for creating manuals and QRGs quickly, but you’ll see the design/layout is limited). The ctcLink student center video mentioned during the meeting is under “Self Service Videos.” This is an older video, created prior to the pilot colleges going live, but it still gives a good overview of what students will be able to do online in their ctcLink self service area.

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