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Commercial Drivers License Fund

Information for Students

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) does not directly provide student with financial assistance. However, below is a list of schools that can be contacted for possible WA CDL Grant financial assistance. Please note that some schools have many campuses and not all campuses are authorized to offer the WA CDL Grant.

For the 2024-2025 school year, ending June 30, 2025:

Private Schools:

Public Schools:

Commercial Drivers License & Related Instructional Programs

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) is committed to helping industry thrive in Washington State and to continue the development of a skilled workforce. The allocated resources will support the development and continued alignment of education and training programs with current industry practice and employee recruitment needs.

This funding, Commercial Drivers License and Related Instructional Program Fund (CDL Fund), is to support investments that are necessary to promote workforce development in trucking and trucking-related supply chain industries and the school bus driving industry by expanding the availability of education and training programs that prepare workers for these industries. Proposals for this funding may support one or more of the following:

  • Procurement and/or upgrades of instructional equipment necessary for training purposes;
  • training program access to training spaces and/or locations necessary in order to expand training enrollment capacity, including expansion of training available to veterans and veteran spouses, and underserved populations to include foster care and homeless transition populations;
  • curriculum development and instructor training for driving, repair and service of technological advancements facing the trucking and trucking-related supply chain industries and the school bus driving industry;
  • tuition assistance for commercial vehicle driver training, mechanical, and support functions that support the trucking industry and the school bus driving industry; and/or
  • funding to increase capacity and availability of child care options for shift schedules for students enrolled in trucking and trucking-related supply chain and school bus driving education and training programs.

Who may apply

Public community and technical colleges, as defined under RCW 28B.50.030 may apply for funding.

  • Colleges may submit only one application as individual institutions.
  • Colleges may collaborate to submit a consortium application.
    • If applying as part of a consortium, the application must indicate which college will be operating as the lead institution.
    • Lead institutions are the responsible fiscal and reporting entity for the funded activities.
    • Consortium applications must clearly demonstrate how the pooling of resources supports a common goal.
    • Each letter of assurance from participating colleges should speak to the roles and responsibilities of the college within the consortium.
  • Colleges participating in a consortium application may also submit an individual application, provided it’s in support of an instructional program that is not represented in the consortium application.


Carolyn McKinnon 
Policy Associate, Workforce Education

Danny Marshall
Program Administrator, Workforce Education


Important Dates

Milestones Key Dates (subject to change)
Application available in Online Grant Management System (OGMS) September 22, 2022

Application Webinar 

September 29, 2022
Application due in OGMS October 20, 2022
Applicants notified of approval status & any required revisions November 7-18, 2022
Final approval given November 30, 2022
Allocation begins December 2022

2022-23 Program Resources and Guidelines

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