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ctcLink Executive Sponsors

ctcLink Executive Sponsors (Historical)

During the ctcLink implementation, the Executive Sponsors were accountable for the success of the ctcLink Project at their organization (college or SBCTC), engaged in the project and regularly reported status to local executive leadership. The Executive Sponsor ensured the project stayed on course and its benefits were realized.

The Executive Sponsor supported the ctcLink College Leader (e.g. project manager, organizational change manager) with issues outside the ctcLink College Leader's control and served as a project champion. They served a crucial role for the duration of the project, from early in the deployment, through the implementation process and post go-live.

Learn more about what it meant to be an executive sponsor and how this role worked with — and supported — the Project Managers (PM) and Organizational Change Managers (OCM) and college team to drive organizational change.

Now that all the colleges are live in ctcLink, each college president or chancellor designated a ctcLink College Leader to:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact with SBCTC for all college-related ctcLink matters
  • Attend ctcLink College Collaboration Group meetings
  • Provide cross-pillar and system-wide perspective
  • Coordinate local efforts related to ctcLink
  • Provide local oversight for training, communications, testing, reporting, and other change management activities

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