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Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) — sponsored by the Research and Planning Commission (RPC) — develops and implements standardized coding schemas, data definitions, policies and quality control for statewide community and technical college data elements.

As a decision-making body, DGC monitors data systems and resolves data issues to create a culture of data quality. The DGC also works closely with the ctcLink project. As the DGC proposals move through the approval process, the status will be updated on the chart below.

Data Governance Meetings

 The Data Governance Committee meets monthly via WebEx.

Members and Committees

Committee Membership List Last Updated (dd/mm/yyyy)
Data Governance Committee 09/14/2023

Demographic Subcommittee (DGCDemoCom)


Course Modality Subcommittee


The Committee information page contains more information on the committee and subcommittees details.

Meeting Materials

Meeting minutes from previous meetings.

Committee Resources

Data Governance Committee resources including charter (includes the Decision Matrix), overview of the committee structure and purpose, coding schema approvals and links to publications.

Approved Proposals

The following standardized coding schemas have moved through the system's data governance process and been approved by the Data Governance Committee:

Proposal Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Course Modality 12/13/2023
Academic Credit for Prior Learning 10/19/2017
Course Attribute Management 10/16/2017
ctcLink Data Usage and Privacy 02/09/2022
Data Classification Brief 07/28/2015
DGC Student Intent Coding and Implementation 09/14/2016
Exit coding 09/02/2015
FacilityID Standardization 12/20/2020
FERPA Directory Information 07/23/2021
Legacy Meta-Major Implementation 01/28/2019
Mononyms in PeopleSoft 02/07/2017
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 04/10/2020
Standardization of Asset Codes for Facilities 12/30/2020
Student Self-Service Questions 08/19/2023

Data Alert System

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