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Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) — sponsored by the Research and Planning Commission (RPC) — develops and implements standardized coding schemas, data definitions, policies and quality control for statewide community and technical college data elements.

As a decision-making body, DGC monitors data systems and resolves data issues to create a culture of data quality. The DGC also works closely with the ctcLink project. 

Data Governance Meetings

 The Data Governance Committee meets monthly via WebEx.

Members and Committees

Membership information including list of representatives from all the commissions.

Meeting Materials

Meeting minutes from previous meetings.

Committee Resources

Data Governance Committee resources including charter (includes the Decision Matrix), overview of the committee structure and purpose, coding schema approvals and links to publications.

College Resources

College data governance resources, including a template for starting college data governance groups, links to data governance publications and resources.

Data Alert System

Interested in — or impacted by — data-related information such as codes for tracking students, coding procedures, and data-related policy updates?

Sign up to stay informed.

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