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Accessing ctcLink Courses on Canvas

Washington's state community and technical colleges are part of the Canvas Login Trust.

This means faculty, staff, and students that work — or are enrolled — at multiple institutions can access all of their courses by logging into any campus Canvas instance. This makes it easy for users to access their courses no matter which institutional Canvas site they are logged into.

ctcLink Canvas Course Enrollment

Enroll in all ctcLink Canvas courses at the ctcLink Training Registration page.

After the user's institution and email address are verified, a course list will display.

Once the user is enrolled, their ctcLink training courses will show up in their personal Canvas dashboard.

Canvas Login & Technical Support

Find out how to log in to Canvas or get support for technical and access issues.

Questions about ctcLink Course Material?

Send questions about ctcLink training course content to the ctcLink Training team.

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