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ctcLink Training & Learning Opportunities

Learn How to Use ctcLink PeopleSoft

Washington community and technical college employees can learn about ctcLink PeopleSoft pillars, modules, and training resources and learning opportunities.

Your organization will provide local ctcLink training specific to your agency or campus procedures (e.g. deadlines for travel forms, purchasing policies) while these courses provide basic instruction on how to use ctcLink PeopleSoft. 

There are three primary self-education resources and training opportunities options: ctcLink Self-Paced Courses, Instructor-Led Learning Opportunities, and the ctcLink Reference Center.

ctcLink Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses that provide basic instruction on how to use ctcLink PeopleSoft using the Canvas learning management system platform. Find the courses at the ctcLink Training & Learning Opportunities registration page

Role-based training courses

Each training course focuses on delivering objectives and outcomes for the specific modules/subjects in PeopleSoft. Each module within the course offers multiple modes of engagement, designed to accommodate diverse learning styles, including: Read it, Watch it, Try it, Activities/Assignments, and Assessments.

Some courses have prerequisites. PeopleSoft Fundamentals is for any Washington community and technical college staff working in any of the ctcLink pillars. Depending on your role, you will continue through various additional courses to gain a basic understanding of each. 

A Word About Prerequisites:  Ideally, self-paced prerequisite courses will have been successfully completed — with an 80% or higher final grade — so end users are eligible to remotely attend Instructor-Led sessions.

Most of the materials are delivered in prerequisite courses, allowing session time to be used more constructively to provide greater detail and information regarding course topics.

Instructor-Led Learning Opportunities

Instructor-led sessions are designed for staff who have successfully completed the self-paced training specific to their pillar area. Sessions are delivered on a cyclical basis – monthly, quarterly, or yearly  – with the goal of strengthening the participants’ skillset.

Instructor-Led Learning Opportunities build upon the content and processes delivered through prerequisite courses and allow participants to glean additional details for a deeper understanding of the ctcLink PeopleSoft system.

A variety of instructor-led learning opportunities are available for end-users once the required role-based Canvas courses have been successfully completed.

Instructor-Led Learning Opportunities take many forms

  • “Just in time” training a week or even days prior to a particular process due date
  • Drop-in sessions offering troubleshooting advice
  • Refreshers or back-to-basics designed for new staff or staff new to their current role
  • End-to-end process sessions delivered over the course of a few days/weeks
  • Pillar work sessions, intended to build community among the colleges, are a forum to share discoveries, PeopleSoft quirks, best practices, questions, business process options, and anything else that might arise.

Instructor-Led Learning Opportunities SBCTC Calendars 

To see other pillar learning opportunities on the SBCTC meetings and events calendar, reset check boxes and apply filters.

ctcLink Reference Center

The ctcLink Reference Center houses thousands of training and resource documents including Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), end-to-end process/checklists, training videos, and more.

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