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Pillar Work Session Schedule

Pillar Work Session Schedule Information

Pre-scheduled throughout the month, each Pillar team holds topic-specific work sessions during which we share important updates and present specific content. This is also a forum for our ctcLink users to share discoveries, issues, quirks, best practices, questions, business process options and whatever else might come up.

Please note - these sessions are not trainings! They are intended to build community, develop collective knowledge and share information. Information and approaches are based on the experience of the person(s) sharing and may be based on local business practices and unique college policies.  

As a community, we support each other by sharing our experiences and identifying solutions. It's an informal community, everyone is invited and we welcome your participation!

If you have a discovery or have developed an area of expertise, we encourage you to share with your colleagues. We'd love to have you present! Contact us at:

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Session Archives

Explore previous topics or just refresh your memory with previously recorded Pillar Work Sessions. Previously recorded Work Sessions are housed in the ctcLink Work Session Information Canvas course. Sign into the course and complete the user agreement to display Work Session information by pillar area and then topic. If you have not registered, you will receive an access denied message. Register for course(s) at the ctcLink Training Registration page or view this short video clip.

Upcoming Schedule

Link to College System & SBCTC Calendar for upcoming work sessions for each pillar:

To access other pillar area work session activities, select the “Clear” hyperlink in the upper left corner of the calendar results window. Then, using the checkboxes in the right-hand calendar filter checkboxes, select the pillar specific area you wish to view.


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