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Accessing Courses on Canvas

Washington Community and Technical College Canvas Trust

Washington's state community and technical colleges, with the exception of Bellevue and Clark, are part of the Canvas logon trusts. This means faculty, staff and students that work or are enrolled at multiple institutions can access all of their courses by logging into any campus Canvas instance. This makes it easy for users to access their courses no matter which institutional Canvas site they are logged into.

ctcLink Course Enrollment

The ctcLink courses are accessible after a person has been enrolled in the course section by either the ctcLink training team or college project manager. The training team or project manager will need a college user’s SID to enroll them in the ctcLink training courses. This is the unique identifier Canvas uses to identify individuals regardless of which institution they belong to.

Logging In to Canvas

To log in to a ctcLink course in Canvas, a user will log in to their local college Canvas instance. The college user will need to use the login credentials their college requires for their Canvas instance. The ctcLink training courses, once the user has been enrolled, will show up in the course list.

Getting Support for Accessing Canvas Courses 

The local eLearning or Canvas support office at each college can provide support in accessing courses in Canvas (i.e. reset password, login information, etc.). The ctcLink training team can provide support with the content of the ctcLink training courses.

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