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ctcLink PeopleSoft Reporting

This page, or its linked-to content, may only be available to college system staff.

The following resources, trainings, and materials are available for colleges using PeopleSoft.

First Step

Read the ctcLink PeopleSoft Reporting FAQ

ctcLink PeopleSoft Documentation

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Basic Developer Courses:
Query Development Life Cycle (QDLC) Training Manual Presentation
PS Query 101 Basics

Training Manual

Advanced Developer Courses:
PS Query 102 Security

Training Manual

PS Query 201 Intermediate

Training Manual

PS Query 301 Advanced


Training Manual



End User Courses:
Understanding ctcLink Query Security

 Training Manual

PS Reporting Training Manual Presentation
PS Pivot Grid Viewer Training Manual

Pivot Grid Developer Course:

ctcLink Pivot Grid Wizard 101 Basics Training Manual


Course Enrollment

To enroll in ctcLink PeopleSoft Reporting Canvas courses as a Query Developer please send an email to with the subject line "Canvas Enrollment Request". In the body section of the email please list all courses you would like to be enrolled in. A Data Services team member will add you to the requested courses. Once added, you can log in to Canvas and join the course.

Basic Developer Courses required for Query Manager Access in PCD:
  • Query Development Life Cycle (QDLC) 
  • PS Query 101 Basics 
Advanced Developer Courses:
  • PS Query 102 Security
  • PS Query 201 Intermediate
  • PS Query 301 Advanced
  • PS Query 401 (Coming Soon)
Pivot Grid Developer Courses:
  • Pivot Grid Wizard 101 Basics
Additional recommended Courses for Developers:
  • How to Use metaLink
  • Query Fundamentals Labs
    • Step-by-step instructions on topics covered during the weekly lab
End User Courses:

End users can enroll in these trainings to expand their understanding of PS Reporting by completing the Registration Form on the SBCTC Training Registration Page.

  • PS Query Reporting for End Users
  • PS Pivot Grid Viewer
  • Understanding Query Security

Join the ctcLink PeopleSoft Reporting Team for our "Reporting Hour" meeting quarterly to meet and discuss advanced topics with the team. Check the SBCTC Calendar for information on upcoming Reporting Hour sessions.

Past meeting recordings, presentations, and materials can be accessed in the Reporting Hour Canvas Page. The Canvas Page link is accessible to anyone, anytime.

Past Reporting Hour meeting topics:

Reporting Life Cycle of a Student

Query Development Lessons Learned


Ivy Brent
Associate Director of ctcLink BI

Adam Fauth
Reporting & BI Solutions Analyst*

Douglas Zeno
Reporting Support Analyst

Emily Mullins
Reporting & BI Solutions Analyst*

Paula McDaniel
Data Analytics Learning &Education Instructor

Tami Morrill
Senior Reporting & BI Solutions Analyst*

* for ctcLink

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