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Capital Budget Request

2024 Supplemental Capital Budget Request

Capital Investments Serve Students and Communities

Our community and technical college system’s $103 million supplemental request targets reducing greenhouse gas emissions and funding two priority capital projects.

Investing in building energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to significantly
reduce building sector emissions.

These investments would equip colleges to meet state energy performance standards for buildings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve operational efficiencies, and avoid significant penalties, thereby preserving funding for instruction and student services.

Our college system’s 2024 budget request also seeks funding for two major capital projects not funded in the biennial budget: the Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies at Lower Columbia College in Longview, and the Performing Arts Building replacement at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. Funding these two requests would serve students at the two colleges while reducing a backlog of capital projects needed across Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges.

Priority College Funding Phase Project 2024 request Cumulative total
1 Statewide Design & Construct CBPS SBCTC Statewide Utility Submeters for Clean Buildings Act $8,544,000 $8,544,000
2 Statewide Planning HB 1390 - Decarbonization Planning $724,000 $9,268,000
3 Statewide Grant program CTC Energy Efficiency Program $2,000,000 $11,268,000
4 Lower Columbia Construction Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies $43,704,000 $54,972,000
5 Columbia Basin Design & Construct Performing Arts Building Replacement $47,876,000 $102,848,000
6 Renton   Building J Renovation $2,000,000 $2,000,000

Alternative Financing Request

College Project 2024 request
Renton Building J Renovation $2,000,000

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Darrell Jennings
Capital Budget Director

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