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Facilities and Equipment Assessment

The Capital Budget office helps Washington state community and technical colleges monitor the conditions of buildings, equipment and property.

The facility assessment report includes summaries, analysis, and synthesis of what you found during the walk-through, based on interviews, background research, and resource accounting.  


Steve Lewandowski
Chief Architect

Facilities and Equipment Management


Facility Condition Surveys (FCS)

SBCTC surveys the condition of capital assets every two years for college use in reviewing building and site conditions for their campus or district.

This survey helps SBCTC establish the relative severity of each capital repair deficiency to allow system-wide prioritization of college repair requests and to estimate the cost of the projects to be requested for its next biennial capital budget.

The scope of the condition survey update may include major building systems, utility distribution systems, and some site elements. It does not include dormitories, parking lots, asbestos hazard
identification, ADA compliance, new construction, construction currently under warranty, or facilities recently purchased.

FCS tool

Colleges may use the FCS tool to prepare for the survey. This tool is built for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office only.

Emergency Capital Funding

The community and technical college capital budget process sets aside Emergency Capital Funds each biennium to respond to emergencies and unforeseen conditions.

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