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Capital Budget Request

2021-23 Capital Budget Request

Capital investments spur economic recovery across Washington

Investing in capital projects at community and technical colleges will stimulate local economies across Washington. Thousands of people will get to work in well-paying jobs in the construction industry and related fields, reinvesting their earning power in local businesses.

With the current low interest rates and a competitive construction market, the state can stretch investments further and break through a backlog of projects that will become more expensive as time goes by.

An infrastructure of opportunity

Our capital budget request reflects the increasing cost of repairing and replacing buildings that have aged over a 10-year period in which the state provided no growth in capital funding for our system. As buildings aged, costs increased and buying power declined. The buildings on our request that will be renovated or replaced are, on average, nearly 60 years old and are in poor condition.

Our $776 million request list will fund several minor projects at every college and 32 major projects at 29 colleges across the state. Projects are ranked based on a rigorous assessment of the need for space, condition of existing facilities, systemwide policy objectives and estimated costs.

With full funding, our system will be able to renovate or replace outdated buildings into spaces that can adapt with the needs of students, employers and the local community. While COVID-19 has forced colleges to temporarily put most instruction online, many students still have a preference and need for face-to-face instruction and services. This is especially true for first-generation and historically marginalized students. Colleges also need space to provide instruction and equipment for job-training programs, such as radiology, welding, construction and auto technology.

Investments by the Legislature will provide local communities with adaptable, healthy learning spaces where people of all ages and backgrounds can build their skills and reboot local economies. According to the Office of Financial Management, fully funding these priorities will create an estimated 8,200 jobs in Washington over the next four years.

2021-23 SBCTC Capital Request for New Appropriations and Financing Authorities

Priority College Funding Phase Project Amount Cumulative
1 Statewide 2003 operating
fund swap
Preventative Facility Maintenance and Building System
$22,800,000 $22,800,000
2 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Preservation $26,113,000 $48,913,000 
3 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Roof $11,858,000 $60,771,000
4 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Facility  $32,466,000 $93,237,000
5 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Site  $3,163,000 $96,400,000
6 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Infrastructure $33,981,000 $130,381,000
7 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Program $32,242,000 $162,623,000
8 Shoreline Build Allied Health, Science & Manufacturing $43,848,000 $206,471,000
9 Spokane Falls  2nd half of Build  Fine and Applied Arts Replacement  $19,342,000 $225,813,000
10 Tacoma  Design  Center for Innovative Learning and Engagement  $2,992,000 $228,805,000
11 Clark  Build  North Clark County Satellite  $53,230,000 $282,035,000
12 Wenatchee  Design  Center for Technical Education and Innovation  $3,266,000 $285,301,000
13 Shoreline  Design  STE(A)M Education Center  $3,039,000 $288,340,000
14 Everett  Build Learning Resource Center  $48,084,000 $336,424,000
15 Lower Columbia  Design  Center for Vocational and Transitional Studies  $3,206,000 $339,630,000
16 Grays Harbor  Build  Student Services and Instructional Building  $44,026,000 $363,656,000
17 Spokane  Design  Apprenticeship Center  $3,368,000 $387,024,000
18 Cascadia  Design  CC5 Gateway Building  $3,096,000 $390,120,000
19 North Seattle Build Library Building Renovation $30,519,000 $420,639,000
20 Edmonds  Design  Triton Learning Commons $3,656,000 $424,295,000
21 Walla Walla  Build  Science and Technology Building Replacement $9,483,000 $433,778,000
22 Pierce Puyallup  Build  STEM Building $38,600,000 $472,378,000
23 Renton  Design  Health Sciences Center $3,997,000 $476,375,000
24 Centralia  Design  Teacher Education and Family Development Center $2,268,000 $478,643,000
25  Skagit  Design  Library/Culinary Arts Building $2,257,000 $480,900,000
26  Bellevue  Build  Center for Transdisciplinary Learning and Innovation $39,942,000 $520,842,000
27  Highline Design  Welcome Center for Student Success $3,126,000 $523,968,000
28  Lake Washington Build  Center for Design $32,481,000 $556,449,000
29 Bates  Build  Fire Service Training Center $31,120,000 $587,569,000
30 South Seattle  Design  Rainier Hall Renovation $3,515,000 $591,084,000 
31 Olympic  Build  Innovation and Technology Learning Center $22,527,000 $613,611,000
32 Everett  Design & Build  Baker Hall Replacement $31,167,000 $644,778,000
 33 Columbia Basin Design & Build  Performing Arts Building Replacement $36,738,000 $681,516,000
34 Whatcom  Design & Build  Technology and Engineering Center $31,663,000 $713,179,000
35 Bellingham  Design & Build  Engineering Technology Center - Bldg. J Replacement $14,039,000 $727,218,000
36 Clark  Design & Build  Hanna Foster Hawkins Complex Replacement $24,611,000 $751,829,000
37 Peninsula  Design & Build  Advanced Technology Center $19,074,000 $770,903,000
38 Seattle Central Design Broadway Achievement Center $2,928,000 $773,831,000
39 Yakima  Design  Prior-Kendall Hall Replacement $1,957,000 $775,788,000

Alternative Financing Request for 2021-23

College Project Amount
Grays Harbor COP for Student Services and Instructional Building (if construction is funded) $3,200,000
Shoreline COP to expand Allied Health, Sciences and Manufacturing (if construction is funded) $3,128,000
South Puget Sound COP to renovate Health Education Building $5,000,000
Bates COP for property acquisition $1,350,000



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