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Capital Budget Request

2022 Supplemental Capital Budget Request

Capital investments elevate students, the economy

Community and technical colleges are known for their personal touch — for providing the one-on-one connections students need to make it through college and enter careers. This personal approach is especially important for historically underrepresented students and first-generation students, many of whom face obstacles and challenges that can put their success at risk. Nearly half of Washington’s community and technical college students are students of color, and 32% of our students are from racial and ethnic backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented in higher education.1 

When asked how they prefer to learn, a majority of students surveyed in spring 2021 said they prefer all, or mostly, personal instruction. Black students represented the highest percentage of students preferring 100% in person instruction.2

During the 2021-22 academic year, many classes will remain online for fall quarter, with more opening to in-person instruction as the year moves forward. Our students need space for classes and services, and for hands-on job-training programs, such as cybersecurity, radiology, welding, construction, clean energy and auto technology. Local communities and employers count on our graduates to build vibrant communities and businesses.

Our $293 million request list will fund minor projects at every college and advance 13 major projects. Projects are ranked based on a rigorous assessment of the need for space, condition of existing facilities, systemwide policy objectives and estimated costs.

With full funding of our 2022 supplemental budget request, our system will be able to renovate or replace aging buildings into adaptable spaces where students can learn, grow and help build a strong and equitable economy.

Priority College Funding Phase Project Amount Cumulative
1 Statewide Design & Build Minor Works — Infrastructure $27,083,000 $27,083,000
2 Highline Design  Welcome Center for Student Success $3,235,000 $30,318,000
3 Lake Washington Build  Center for Design $33,715,000 $64,033,000
4 Bates  Build  Fire Service Training Center $32,563,000 $96,596,000
5 South Seattle  Design  Rainier Hall Renovation $3,645,000 $100,241,000
6 Olympic  Build  Innovation and Technology Learning Center $23,420,000 $123,661,000
7 Everett  Design & Build  Baker Hall Replacement $32,229,000 $155,890,000
8 Columbia Basin Design & Build  Performing Arts Building Replacement $38,646,000 $194,536,000
9 Whatcom  Design & Build  Technology and Engineering Center $32,980,000 $227,516,000
10 Bellingham  Design & Build  Engineering Technology Center - Bldg. J Replacement $14,534,000 $242,050,000
11 Clark  Design & Build  Hanna Foster Hawkins Complex Replacement $25,551,000 $267,601,000
12 Peninsula  Design & Build  Advanced Technology Center $19,690,000 $287,291,000
13 Seattle Central Design Broadway Achievement Center $3,060,000 $290,351,000
14 Yakima  Design  Prior-Kendall Hall Replacement $2,025,000 $292,376,000

Sources: 1SBCTC public enrollment dashboard, 2020-21 school year; 2Spring 2021 survey by Interact Communications.


Wayne Doty
Capital Budget Director

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