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ctcLink Enhancement Requests

Enhancement Requests Start With You

Ideas for enhancing ctcLink originate with ctcLink users.

Individual users, commissions/councils, and others can partner with ctcLink governance, ctcLink College Collaboration Group (cCCG) and ctcLink Support through the Enhancement Request (ER) process.

The sections below outline how changes to ctcLink PeopleSoft production are prioritized by the ctcLink College Collaboration Group and and ctcLink Customer IT Service teams.

When software or a configuration is "in production," this means it has gone live and is available for end-users to accomplish a business purpose.  Colleges live on ctcLink are "in production."

The SBCTC ctcLink Customer Service teams aim to continuously improve and increase transparency in the ER process and protocols.


Dani Bundy 
ctcLink Customer Support Director

Roger Curry
College Relations and Triage Manager

How to Submit an Enhancement Request

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  1. Determine whether a change should be submitted as an Enhancement Request.
  2. Determine if your request aligns with the ctcLink Guiding Principles.
  3. Secure an Enhancement Request (ER) sponsor (e.g. commission chair, data governance co-chair).
  4. Present proposed enhancement request to ctcLink College Collaboration Group
  5. Submit enhancement request to  Service Desk ticket system

Enhancement Request Form

Tips for how to complete the Enhancement Request Form

Enhancement Requests are only one source of work for the SBCTC ctcLink Customer Support and Application Services teams.

Ongoing work efforts are prioritized and balanced based on:

  • Level of urgency/impact
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • PeopleSoft product updates and releases
  • External mandates (federal, state and agency policy)
  • ctcLink College Collaboration (cCCG) Prioritization
  • Available resource capacity

How to Check Enhancement Request Status

To improve transparency, the ctcLink Customer Support teams gathered the Enhancement Requests (ERs) from various “Project era” sources (e.g., Working Group log, Project Web App, Service Desk, mandates, policy revisions, etc.) into a single, combined location.

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The ctcLink Enhancement Request Status list is available in the ctcLink Reference Center.

See where each Enhancement Request is in the governance review process, approval status, and/or any other actions taken.

  • In-Flight – Currently being worked on by IT Support
  • Next-up – Next up in the que of work prioritized by cCCG
  • Future Work – Future work in the que of work prioritized by cCCG
  • Deployed – Deployed into production
  • No Action Taken - Canceled or Denied Enhancement Requests

All Enhancement Requests are stored in the Service Desk (SolarWinds) ticketing system under the Request Type “Enhancement Request.”

There are many reasons, but here are just a few possibilities:

  • It might never have been formally submitted in the ticketing system as an enhancement request with the appropriate form.
  • Some items fall into other categories:
    • Remediation - Certain items needed an overhaul (remediation) after the initial 2015 go-live but were put on hold until they could be addressed after full implementation. For example, Satisfactory Academic Progress, which was escalated and is in motion.
    • Scope Transfer - Certain requirements which were “in scope” went unfulfilled or were not fully completed during the ctcLink Project implementation. Those 250 items were transferred from the Project implementation team to the SBCTC IT/Support organization for review.

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