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How to Get ctcLink Support

We Can Help

You’ve tried everything you know, but are stumped  in ctcLink; in general or with an accessibility issue. Sounds like you are ready for a helping hand!  Ask your help desk, peer colleagues, or submit a ticket.

ctcLink Local College Support

If you need technical assistance with your ctcLink account, first contact the college or agency where you work.

ctcLink Pillar Support eList

Call a friend! If your issue is how-to or process-related, you may want to ask your peers for ideas. Join a ctcLink Support eList (email listserv) and ask your college peers how they do things in ctcLink, best practices, and more. 

Submit a ctcLink Service Ticket

If you are NOT authorized to submit tickets for your college, please send your ticket information to the authorized person at your college for assistance. Each college has an identified ctcLink College Leader who should be able to help.

Choose one of two options to submit a ticket

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SBCTC recognizes that SolarWinds, the agency’s current ticketing platform, may present barriers to people using Assistive Technologies. We are investigating other options and solutions to fix this problem. In the meantime, please use the following options to submit your accessibility ticket information.

If you are an authorized ticket submitter at your college, but unable to submit a ticket using SolarWinds, send an email to one of the following emails which will go directly to the Application Services or ctcLink pillar team.

Be sure to see "What to Include in your Ticket."

  • Accessibility-related: routes automatically to the Application Services team
  • Campus Solutions (CS): routes automatically to the CS team
  • Human Capital Management (HCM): routes automatically to the HCM team
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FCSM): routes automatically to the FCSM team

What to Include in your Ticket

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Regardless of the subject of your ticket, it’s a good idea to review the How to Submit a ctcLink Support Ticket guide at the ctcLink Reference Center.

Ticket submissions should include the following information whenever possible:

  1. Full screenshots: save screenshots as a PNG or JPG before uploading.
  2. URL and navigation: navigation details should consist of the page(s) accessed through tiles or NavBar.
  3. Screenshots of run control parameters
  4. Process instance number
  5. EMPLIDs as examples: if multiple students, please include all IDs
  6. Query names and prompts entered
  7. Critical information (for example Business Unit, Set ID, Institution ID, Aid Year)
  8. Steps taken to encounter error  
  9. Actions taken to solve the issue
  10. Which Internet browser type and which version of the browser were you using? (For example: Chrome version 101.0.4951.41.)
  11. Which PeopleSoft environment(s) you are using: For example PRD (Production, the primary ctcLink user environment) or PCD (Production College Development for query development, proof of concept work)
  12. Number of people and departments at your campus experiencing the same issue; include associated information.

If your ticket is reporting an accessibility issue, the following information is important to include:

  1. Date when the accessibility barrier occurred.
  2. Name and role of the person encountering the accessibility barrier.
  3. Description of the problem should include:
    • Which ctcLink page were you on? Copy and paste the URL from the address bar or type out the title of the page.
    • Which task or function were you trying to complete?
    • Which task or function were you unable to complete?
  4. Which type of Assistive Technology were you using? For example: NVDA, Jaws, Dragon Voice Command, or VoiceOver on iPhone.
  5. Were you using a PC or Mac computer?
  6. Which Internet browser type and which version of the browser were you using? (For example: Chrome version 101.0.4951.41.)
  7. Were you using ctcLink on your desktop computer or were you using the ctcLink app on your phone or tablet?

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