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ctcLink Support eLists

Join a ctcLink Support eList (aka LISTSERVs)

ctcLink Customer Support sends updates, outage notices, changes to configuration, training and workshop opportunities, global and cross-pillar communications to colleges.

Connect with your ctcLink peers and colleagues

College subject matter experts (SMEs), PeopleSoft users/stakeholders can use the lists to ask  their college peers questions about how they do things in ctcLink, best practices, local training plans, and more. 

NOTE:  The eLists are not intended for Service Desk support or questions about system issues.  Please continue to submit tickets to the ServiceDesk following the Tier Support plan.

Who may join?

  • Only Washington state community and technical college system .edu domain addresses will be approved for subscription.
  • We strongly encourage any Washington state community and technical college ctcLink PeopleSoft users — including SBCTC staff, ctcLink, and IT teams — to join one or more Mailman eLists (aka LISTSERVs).

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Pillar support eLists

  • ctcLinkCSSupportCampus Solutions  (CS)
    • Academic Advisement, Campus Community, Campus Self-Service, Financial Aid, Recruiting and Admissions, Student Financials, Student Records
  • ctcLinkSME_FIN –  Finance (FIN)
    • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Commitment Control, Expenses, Financials, General
  • ctcLinkFinAidSupport Financial Aid (FA)
    • Assessing Eligibility, Authorizing/Disbursing Aid, Awarding and Packaging/
      Repackaging, Direct Loans, Disbursement, Federal Applications, Pell, Perkins, Return of Title IV Funds, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Self-Service, Work-Study
  • ctcLinkSME_StuFinStudent Financials (SF)
    • Billing, Cashiering, Collections, Fee & Tuition Calculation, General Ledger Interaction, Payment Plans, Refunds, Student Receivables, Tax Forms
  • ctcLinkSME-HCMHuman Capital Management (HCM)
    • Absence Management, Benefits, Payroll, Employee Self-Service, Faculty Workload, Manager Self-Service, Talent Acquisition Management - Recruiting, Time and Labor, Workforce Administration

ctcLink tools and groups

  • ctcLinkSME-rptGeneral Reporting
    • Reporting tools and functionality, query training and development
  • ctcLink-CodingGeneral Coding
  • ctcLink-Security  – ctcLink Security
  • ctcLink-OAAP –  Online Admissions Application Portal Admins
    • List for administrative users for notification of fixes, upgrades, enhancements, training-related information, and any upcoming OAAP system outages.
  • ctcLink_POCctcLink Point of Contact (closed list for ctcLink College Leaders and their designated backups)
  • ctcLink_BusinessAnalysts – For ctcLink Business Analysts or similar positions. 

Related lists

  • dataLink - dataLink
    • dataLink updates and information; primarily for college IT and research staff, but anyone may join. 

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