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Mailman eList Manager


Mailman is a web-based email discussion-list manager for Washington state community and technical colleges. Mailman allows users to send email messages to groups who have subscribed to a topic-specific mailing list. Mailman also allows subscribers to sort and view archived messages.

Current Mailman Lists

Subscribe to a list to get involved in conversations with your peers at other community and technical colleges. See the complete list of Mailman lists.

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  • Mailman calls list subscribers "list members."
  • Each mailing list has a list owner (also called the list administrator), who manages the list's configurations, subscription requests, and other list functions.
  • All mailing lists require subscription approval from the list owner.
  • To join a list, go to the [Listname's] information page and enter your subscription information. Do not send a message to the list.
  • Each list has its own information page. (example -
  • From an information page, you can perform a variety of functions such as subscribe to and unsubscribe from the list, edit your subscription information, and view the list members.
  • Each list has a Member Options page where you can log in to your Membership Configuration page, unsubscribe from the list or request a password reminder.
  • Each list has a Membership Configuration page where you can edit your subscription information.
  • All list email addresses have the syntax [listname] After your subscription has been approved by the list owner, use this format to send your messages to the list.

To request a new mailing list, send an email to Be sure to include the following information:

  • The list name and description
  • The list administrator's contact information (name, email address, phone number)
  • The list administrator's password

Bookmark your Member Options page

When you receive the welcome email to a list, the message will include a link to your Member Options page for that list (example,[listname]/

Add this link to your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks. From this page, you can log in to your Membership Configuration page, unsubscribe from the list, or request a password reminder.

Update your email contacts

Make sure you delete old LISTSERV email addresses and replace them with the new Mailman email addresses.

Make subscription changes

You can make changes to a list subscription from your Membership Configuration page, for example,[listname]. From this page, you can log in to your Membership Configuration page, unsubscribe from the list, or request a password reminder. You access this page from your Member Options page. For more information see Help for List Members

Retrieve or change your password

Once a month, Mailman will send you an email reminding you of your mailing list password or passwords. (You can disable this function from your Membership Configuration page.) The email will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe or change your subscription options. In addition to the monthly email reminders, you can receive a password reminder using Mailman’s email interface. To do so, send a message with the word "password" in the subject line to [listname] Your password will be emailed to you. Alternatively, on your Member Options page, you can click the Reminder button to receive your password via email. For more information see Help for List Members.

Do not reply to SBCTC-ITD automated messages

Do not reply to messages that contain On Behalf Of Mail, SBCTC-ITD  or Mail, SBCTC-ITD  in the From field. These messages are sent from an automated and unattended email address with no one to receive or review your responses.

Mailman Help Desk


Help for List Members

Instructions for members (subscribers): how to subscribe, how to send a message, how to view archived messages, how to unsubscribe and more.

Help for List Owners

Instructions for list owners (administrators):  how to subscribe or invite a list member, how to change "reply" settings, view a list's members.

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